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Anyone beat a Impreza WRX STI with an M3??


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It'd be improbable for an M3 or M5 stock to beat them in 1/4 mile

of a stock Subaru WRX STi or Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.

Unless you were absolutely perfect on ur timing on ur M-series.

Using aftermarket parts to increase power would be the only

likely chance of taking them head on.

But then u also gotta wry have they got ne aftermarket

performance parts on their car as well.

Although the Evo has near/less 0-60's their lighter and have

a high RPM revving point so they would make up

for it later on down the road.

But who cares i'm still gettin an M3 cuz their kick ass :lol:

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You're talking 1/4 mile times? STi and Evo offer similar acceleration in the 1/4 mile to the M3, but they aren't making up for anything down the road. M3 also has an 8,000 rpm engine which is pretty high in it's own right.

If the WRX STi and Evolution have anything on the M3, you're the first to mention it.

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STi and Evo have slightly lower 1/4 mile times.

I didn't say it was a complete threat but you'd hafta know

the exact timing of your M3 or M5 in order 2 beat them thas all

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