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NSX vs. Skyline

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Firstly, I wanna make it clear that I don't know a WHOLE lot on Japanese Cars. I will try to make an educated guess based on what I've read:

If both the NSX and the Skyline are stock, I'd say the NSX would win. Though, the R34 Skyline has huge potential. So even with an uprated twin-turbo chargers, I'd say it'd ba able to out-pace the NSX....

All Wheel Drive

Round the track and 0-62mph it will have to be Skyline R-34 GT-R. Not top speed.

Both come out or came out of the factory at a price of nearly $90000 so we may say that they both employ the same level of technology and equippement. Not quite:

-NSX has nearly 200 kilos less weight and is built with a lower draf coeff. The NSX has it in top speed as the GT-R is limited at 155mph. By now, these are the only advantages of the NSX.

-the Skyline comes with nearly 50 hp more(proved on the dyno, as a production car). It has an inline6(more balanced than a V6) TT engine that comes also with turbo lag, but also with more torque once it gets on its optimum revs. It has AWD, so better grip, also all wheel steering, a better traction control and better stability control systems.

So, I go with the Skyline 100%.

Not sure?!... check this out:




here u can find a video for 0-62mph NSX vs. R34 GT-R and more, if they are still available:



i would go with the skyline also. its AWD system is amazing. it has the constantly varying yaw control which tranfers power from 50/50 to 10/90 depending on the situation. for instance in a trun it goes 50/50, then in a straight line it goes almost all rear wheel drive. but if we were to throw the nsx-r into this equation, the choice would be much more difficult.


Well since i own the skyline gt-r 34v-spec i'd be stupid 2 say the NSX. :lol::lol:

The site u gave for the skyline is horribly wrong and doesn't show the justice of it.


I really love this site.

That gives a gr8 detailed idea of the R34 and if u unrestrict the Jap agreement it can easily have 350hp.

I'm soon going to get mine unrestricted but nobody around here knows nething bout them and i haven't taken the time 2 study it myself.

The torque on that site said 216lbs/ft which i've never seen on the non-gt-r series.

I don't know much bout the non-gt-r's but i'm sure even the torque ain't tha low.

I like the nsx it looks good, it has damn nice handlin and its fast.

The interior of the Skyline is much better and the AWD system is jus fuckin sweet.

I try 2 make my Skyline loose control in open car lots and it jus doesn't wanna seem to make me ever go outta control and that gives me gr8 comfort to know that.

I've never had the pleasure to drive a NSX but bein MR-drive i'm sure u could get into sum situations where u can't control it.

All in all i still choose my skyline cuz i'm sure my R-34 v-spec would break down if i chose differently. :P:P

All Wheel Drive

That gives a gr8 detailed idea of the R34 and if u unrestrict the Jap agreement it can easily have 350hp.

Actually, it has something like 328hp, but in papers they put 280hp to respect the gentleman's agreement upon power in Japan.

arty what the hell are u smoking of coarse the skyline would win

Actually you are Arty.


So, tell me, who is who here. Is skyline a split personality or what?


i don't think very many cars in the world could beat a modified skyline if its done right. Top Secret made one that'll do at least 205 MPH, so it could beat the NSX a top speed race to. not sayin a NSX isn't fast, i love them too, but a skyline's rb26dett compared to a NSX's v6 isn't gonna be any competition. the skyline would toast in in almost any contest.

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