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2001 Grand AM 3.4L V6

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I was wondering whether anybody has the specs to that car. I drove one in Canada, but couldn't find any specs online. I had the SE1, not the ram-air.

I'm just curious. I'd guess about 8.5 secs 0-100 km/h.

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* 2003 Pontiac Grand Am SE1 ...

Standard Engine - 2.2 liter 16 valve DOHC I-4 ... 140 hp. @ 5,600 ... 150 lb.ft. @ 4,000 ... FWD

Standard Trans - 5-Speed manual

Brakes - front discs - rear drums

Track F/R - 59.0 in. - 59.1 in.

Steering - rack & pinion - 35.1 ft. steering diameter

Curb Weight - 3,066 lbs. - with manual trans.

Height - 55.1 in.

Length - 186.3 in.

Wheelbase - 107.0 in.

Width - 70.4 in.

*Capacity & Volume ...

Cargo Volume - 14.6 cu.ft.

Fuel - 14.1 gal.

Passenger vol. - 90.1 cu.ft.

Seating - 5

Sales volume - 150,818

That should cover it, Thanks Yahoo! :D

Oh, you meant performance specs, who knows :wink: ? The GT does 0 - 60 in under 8 seconds on 175 hp. and 205 lb.ft. of torque, so the SE1 might make it in 8.5.


only issue is that m. is talking about a 3.4L .

Here, let me tell ya what i've got.

0-60 comes in at 8.40 secconds

0-100 comes in at 23.7 secconds

1/4 mile: 16.5 @ 84.3mph


3.4L 60 Degrre Iron block/aluminum heads Vee 6, pushrod valvetrain layout, 2valves/cyelnder, power is 175hp @ 4,800rpms, peak torque is 205ft/lbs @ 4,000rpms, the only transmission is a 4 spd automatic.


If thats' the case than the autos section on Yahoo! must have their information wrong, or maybe the U.S. versian just comes with a 2.2.

Maybe I should not listen to yahoos :D .


no, i drove one here with the 3.4, it was nothing special, kinda spunky, pretty fun for an american car for the money, yahoo only tells you the base engine, which is the 2.2L

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