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What do you think of the C320 4-matic?

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What are your opinions on the c320 4-matic? I might choose the c320 4-matic as my new car... Are there any bad things or really good things about the car? I've been to other sites having c320 reviews from users but all i hear is "this cars sux" or "go buy something else" From looking at this site, you guys give the best responses im serious :D

Any suggestions?

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I wouldn't personally spend the extra dough on the 4-matic system unless I lived somewhere that warranted it. Like in the mountains. I wouldn't go so far as to say, "it sucks." But then I haven't ever owned one either. Reviews on other 4-matic equipped cars have been very favorable. Mercedes has acquired a lot of experience with AWD over the last 15 or so years, so at least the bugs are worked out.

You'd be losing mpg and acceleration. You'd be gaining traction. What's it worth?

I'd check Autosite.com and look at past 4-matic equipped cars. Check for recalls and TSBs and see if they were related to the AWD system. That's what I would do.

Good luck, you lucky dog.



i believe 4matic is a steyr-puch system, which have a very good track reccord. Performance nor fuel economy are adversely effected in mercedes' 4matic cars, the system is just that good. I've driven it, the system isn't as transparent as i'd like, and you can't get it with a stick shift, but it is a pretty nice car.

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