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Spyker C8 Spyder T

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Some of you know Spyker and an even lesser number of you know the Spyker C8 Spyder. I don't know how I let this pass by me I guess all noise made by the big boys at the IAA distracted me too much, but at the IAA Spyker premiered their all new Spyker C8 Spyder T.


Looks just like the regular C8 Spyder, all the changes are under the hood of the beast.

Engine Design

Audi V8 bi-turbo engine with 90-degree block angle.

Capacity : 4172 cc

Power : 331 kW (525 Bhp) at 5700 rpm – 6400 rpm

Torque : 560 Nm at 1950 rpm m- 5600 rpm

Maximum revolutions : 7500 rpm

Yes read those torque figures again :o


Sequential or manual six-speed gearbox without electronic intervention. Rear wheel drive, with optional limited slip differential. Switchable ASR (traction control) and ABS.

Chassis and suspension

Aluminium space frame clad with aluminium panels carries fully adjustable F1-style independent suspension in stainless steel, with Koni in board shock absorbers. Uprights CNC machined from solid billets of aluminium.

Electrical system

Decentralised wiring system

Brake system

Twin-circuit brake system with adjustable brake balance. 6-piston aluminium brake callipers at the front, 4-piston aluminium brake callipers at the rear with ventilated brake discs. Brake disc diameter, front and rear, 356/330 mm.

Wheels and tyres

Forged ATS alloy rims with central locknuts

Front tyres, 225/40ZR 18 (Dunlop Sport)

Rear tyres, 265/35ZR 18 (Dunlop Sport)

Magnesium Spyker 19” Aeroblade™ wheels are optional

Front tyres 235/35 ZR19

Rear tyres 265/30 ZR19

Sizes and weights

Kerb weight 1200 kgs

Wheelbase 2575mm

Front track 1440 mm

Rear track 1620 mm

Length 4185 mm

Width (ex mirrors) 1920 mm

Height 1065 mm

Fuel tank capacity 100 liters (22 gallons)

Performance Spyker C8 Spyder T

Top speed 320 km/h

Acceleration 0-100 km/h in 4.0 seconds

4 secs :o

Price Spyker C8 Spyder T from € 232.500,- (exclusive any taxes and ex factory)


So what's changed?

Apart from the obvious turbo chargers the car has a wider track, extended wheel arches incorporated into the body and a small rear spoiler so it can handle the increased power output. Moreover, the car has additional front wing louvres, sill louvres and Koni’s newest four way F1 shock absorbers.

The all new sequential gearbox is a premier for Spyker aswell. I guess Spyker decided to step off manuals and goto sequentials because they're better suited for racing. Last Le Mans race they had to replace their box 3 times. They also were one of few who still had a full manual box in their cars. Full manual boxes are just not suited for racing conditions and I think it's a good thing they will be using sequential boxes from now on.

It is anticipated that the Spyder T will go into production the second half of 2004 with the intention of building 25 prior to the 2005 race season. They want to build 25 to qualify it as a production car and thus qaulify for ACO (Le Mans and American Le Mans series rules) as well as FIA GT rules.

It is a little bit pricey compared to the competition, but for that price you do get a custom buildt car just for you. There maybe other Spyker C8's running around but none of them will be like yours. Just take a look at their order from, almost all options have a choice "Other". You even can specify the initial setup of the car Road use Comfort, Road use Sport or Track use and what's even more amazing is you also can order a hand made 1:18 scale model of your Spyker.

But then again it doesn't leave much room for the SLR, Ferrari and Lambo. I think if Spyker keeps this up Ferrari has something to fear.

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they switched from the highly exotic 4.0L high winding cosworth Audi V8 to a more factory Audi V8, which i'm sure made reliability and costs more manageable, it looks nice, and with a power band like that, there is no flat spot, making it a pretty fierce car to race with, the power is on everywhere.

It looks like spyker is moving up in the world. Call it the Frisian Ferrari!


I like Spykers... never hear much about them. Shame... :roll:

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