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All new Infiniti 2005 Model M45 to Compete with BMW&Merc

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Yeah yeah I know you all don't like AutoSpies, but so what I'm gonna show

you the link anyways. The new M45 replacement car better have a supercharger on that 4.5 liter V-8 to be extremely competitive with it's

intended targets: the new 5-Series and the E-Class.


Not everyone knows about AutoSpies, so no complaining about this !!

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the current 4.5L is not supercharged, and i've read nothing saying the new one will be either?

where did you get that from?

The stuff they put on that site is seccond rate BS.

They don't even have their own domain name, that should be an indicator for you.

by the way, that is in no way more attractive than a 5 or an E?


The part about the supercharged V-8 I made up myself. I was just saying that they "should" make it supercharged to be more competitive with the

ultra-powerful engines now coming from it's German competitors.

And yes, you're right, it is not better looking than the German cars, but it is definitely a smooth-looking car. Quite elegant and classy.

As far as AutoSpies, you're right they don't even have their own domain name, but "some" things they post up end up later on becoming true, not all ofcourse. If nothing else it's atleast cool how they have lots of spy pics

to look at and discuss.


The exteriour is MB and the interiour is BMW... wonder who they copied the engine from and I really do wonder what those lights in the roof are for... to get a tan while ur driving? Anywayz you do realize those pictures are all CG right?

The thing I don't like about autospies is that 80% of the time they're wrong and the remaining 20% they copy something from a magazine. When they finally do get it right by copying something they have to toot their own horn like as if they're right all the time.


i'm going to be honest, and i don't think i'm alone here either, my predictions have proven more accurate than autospies. These people are hacks at best. At best.

And i've also become convinced that Persian is advertising for them on our site, which is expresely forbidden in the user agreement. As such, i will delete any further links posted there.

Nissan's 4.5L V8? where did it come from? isn't it obvious?

Take a Merc. Exterior and make it harder

Take a bimmer interior and make it more trendy

Take a Lexus engine and make it bigger.

The nissan 4.5L V8 is a very competitive engine, and generally a damn fine piece of machinery in most regaurds. A supercharger wouldn't bode well for it, as the entire design of the motor was based around a long winding toruqe curve building as it goes, the very flow patterns of the heads were optimized around efficient naturally aspirated opperation. A supercharger just wouldn't be that beneficial here. The engine is not the problem with Infiniti cars.


Just to show you how much a spin doctors those Auto Spies guyz are take a look here:


All the info on there is directly taken from mbspy.com and mbspy has had the info on their site for ages now.

And ofcourse things like:

the S-Class will have a new 42-volt fibre optic network, incorporating a 12-volt starter/generator to run the climate control system effectively from start-up

Power comes from a variety of direct-injection petrol and diesel units, with the petrol engines featuring the CGI (Charged Gasoline Injection). Initially there will be V8 and V12 engines, including a 500 bhp bi-turbo V12

Stopping power is provided by massive 14" fast-cooling ceramic brakes (which are so large, the smallest wheels will be 18").

As we've told our readers numerous times, while the others are still speculating, we've actually been in one of the concepts.

Talk about BS...


those guys are total BS, i'm considdering going through and killing all posts linking there now, and for sure, there will be no more of them. they are most often blatently false. I don't know, i think i could get together with some guys from this site and put together a more believable BS car site?

that sounds promising, why don't we form the carpassion.com BS- Allstars Dream-Team, to compete with the auto-tabloid autospies?

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