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Ferrari vs. Lamborghini


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Pimp, you know this is mostly a matter of opinion. Look in the mirror and draw your own conclusion.

In my own opinion, I would choose a Lamborghini first, not because of any perceived perfomance advantage, but because I just prefer their " style ".

Diablo 6.0 is the shiznit :D .

I think that most people will go for Lambo, as the Murcielago is the highest rated car on this site. I don't care of they are owned by Audi, so in turn, VW. They are still turning out amazing cars and thats what counts. Audi systems can help too. No hate on Ferrari though. They too are amazing and wonderful cars, but I prefer Lambo more.

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I have f360 challenge and i've drive gallardo and murcielago, I also drive in ferrari challenge last year with good results.

I've bought ferrari because of money back after 2/3 years(here in Italy), however after i've drive the gallardo i've to say that is faster on a track than ferrari 360 and , more important for my opinion, is much much easier to drive at the limit.

Murcielago is like a rocket but on track is not faster than the others two. I must say that the line is more impressive than 360 and G.

Sorry for my english, is not my language.


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I'm new here.

Anyway, it depends on the model. For example, a Ferrari Dino looks ten times as good as any Murcielago or Gallardo, however it fails next to a Diablo or Countach. Most Lamborghinis are beautiful to look at, but I think that I'd rather have a Ferrari.


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