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Corvette as a separate brand


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The chevrolet vette is such a good car for the money, too good i think to be a fucking(pardon my french) CHEVROLET! Corvette should be a separate so i can come out with more than just one model. They should also work with Saleen on high end models that could be exotic sports cars. This could happen if GM wasn't so into living off its past glories. Corvette could finally be cool again.

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Pimp, were you completely conscious when you wrote that? First of all, Corvette would never be made into a seperate brand, and certainly not after 50 years, because Chevrolet needs Corvette, it's good for their image. The Corvette name just might help push a lot of Chevrolet product. The ZO6 has the " high-end exotic sportscar " sector covered as much as GM wants it to. And you would never see a Saleen Corvette, he's all Ford, come on.

the only thing that Corvette shares with chevy is that is looks like it has an interior out of the cavalier.

corvette is a chevy brand, but in many ways it's been it's own car for a while.

And did you just say Saleen and then Corvette?

you my freind have just become my anti-drug.

Corvette splitting from GM in a flameing ball of fury, and linking up with Saleen?

That would be on par with the American civil war. Except you would see it all unfold on CNN all day long.

" Bentley, by Volkswagen " thats' one to send a shiver up your spine.


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