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Some More info on all new Mercedes S-Class for 2006

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ok, that was about the most BS poinless thing i've read.


i-Drive in a Mercedes, okay. Isn't that a registered trademark of BMW AG or something? Gotta have those 22" wheels, safety just isn't up to par without those you know.


DVD players in the seats.

I swear these people make it up as they go along.


I meant to say "I-Drive-Like" mouse controls front & rear, NOT exactly i-Drive !!! It will be different in every way, the only thing similar is that both systems have a "mouse-like" function ....

And why is it BS? Why does everyone in this forum hate on Mercedes so much? Is this whole website only for bimmer lovers or is it jealousy?

Atleast I put up info on new stuff alot .... how many others contribute like that recently? So much MB hating going on it makes me sick ....


It's not that we all hate Mercedes Persian, it's just that when we hear word that any manufacturer, including Mercedes plans to put out a factory pimp ride, it tends to get a lot of laughs. Optional 22" wheels, super flared wheel wells, You know, that is kind of oddball and comical. I have to wonder what the rear passengers would need an " i-Drive like " system for. Unless Benz doesn't want the back seat drivers to feel left out.

I think it's funny that they said " a return to the finish levels of older MBs'. " As if Mercedes told them," Yeah, we were slacking off there a while, but we'll get our act together for '05. "

By the way, were's Izzy? He asked Taunus how to be a VIP member, Taunus said ask Roland, Izzy said he would, and we haven't seen him since. Maybe they took him to some secret camp in the woods :D .


I think Persian is right. It seems that everybody is saying BMW this, BMW that, BMW could crush an MB any day, BMW's are the best ever, MB can't touch BMW. Well you know what, you can shove that!! :evil: Mercedes-Benzes are wonderful, and I love Bimmers too, but they are by no means the end-all be-all when it comes down to it. If you don't like Mercedes and have nothing to contribute, then stay the hell out of the forum! You don't see me off slammin Bimmer, although I would take a Benz over a Bimmer. I know that BMW makes cars that are superb performers, but you know what, I am not comfortable in those cars. That could just be me, I don't think so, but maybe I am the only one who feels this way. Either way, I am far more comfortable in a Benz, and since I'm not off pulling .95 g's around off-ramps, performance can be comprimised a little. And to let it be known, if I had the garage space and could convince the wife, I would have a CSL this moment, because I would take that to the track. So in the end, for every day use, I go with Benz, and enough with the Benz hating!


i love S-Class, to be honest, i'd take it over a 7.

if you have any respect for MB's good name, you'd stand up against BS like that stuff.

Ridin' on factory 22s, back seat I-Drive (is that MB's way of saing BMW is better), and DVD's in the seats (which is a trivial option at best). And like latenight said, MB's going to say, yeah, our quality has been shotty, but this one is good, just skip out on the shit we're peddling now and get the goods in 2005?

Doubt it.

And in regaurd to izzy, i hope taunus is my new code name, and while it is has been brought up, he hasn't been taken to the compound, i think his computer just caught fire or something to that effect.


I didn't meant that MB i-Drives and 22's were right, I just got off topic and addressed something that has been getting a little out of hand. We're all enthusiasts here, so we can all appreciate something.


In automobile magzine a few months ago, I saw a preview of the 2006 all new S. It has circular e-class like headlamps, but singular. The taillights are gonna be just like the 2002 model. ALL the models will have twin turbos. This was in Automobile magazine.


automobile is usually pretty sure of something before they print it. that's really interesting, if they are right, then that would disprove the rumor MB is doing away with forced induction for sheer cubic inches.

S-Class deserves some more power, S55 and S600 are nice, but you have to admit, S430 is tepid, and S500 is only competitive at an uncompetitive price.

All of the pictures and info i've seen on it from reliable sources (ie: not autospies) make it look like the ultimate contender, and an amazing car.


Yes it's true ...

I was hoping to not have to talk about this subject but now that it has come up I must admit some crazy information that I have heard directly from extremely well-connected Mercedes insiders..:

S-Class is going twin-turbo on all models soon except for maybe the S55 supercharged .....

And they are STILL going to build the direct-injection light-alloy engines but they are either going to offer multiple-engine options on the models, or put them side by side, or Benz might pick and choose which models will be naturally aspirated big-bore engines (like the 6.3 liter naturally aspirated V-8 that they are going to build), or offer twin-turbo on top of the big engines for the ultimate in power (maybe they will save that kind of awesomeness for the top-line SL 65's, CLS 6.3's, etc..) ....

But all engines for the new '06 S & CL Class will be direct-injection light-alloy regardless of turbo's, supercharged, or not.

So it will be possible to have both.

I thought it was just too crazy to hear about having an S430 and S500 twin-turbo V-8 ... so that's why I never brought it up ... I was waiting to see if it is really true .... but now it's looking like this could indeed happen .....

So does that mean that a 2007 Model S430 twin-turbo will be faster than a 2003 Model S55 AMG ? That would be too crazy .....

Now it really really does seem reasonable to have atleast 922 lb/ft of torque for the top-line SL65 later ..... with that much power being available to even the lower and cheaper models ... AMG better put as much power as is possible in their top-of-the-line models to ensure proper model spacing as far as performance, prestige, differentiation, etc..

Seriously guys, this German horsepower war is getting completely out of hand .... don't you just love it though? LOLOLOLOL ....

Seems like Benz wants to be not only the undisputed luxury/gadget King but also the pure torque rating King (if not possibly the Horsepower King too) ..... it's all good though because it just keeps the competition on their toes constantly ... nobody can stand to stay idle now for long because this thing keeps getting taken to the next level constantly ....


Too bad MB can't be the OVERALL CAR king...that's BMW's thing...:)


I think persainj is realy is mercedes biggest fan.LOL

let it go buddy 922ft/lb is not happening on that engine.TRUST ME not yet atleast who knows mayby in the future.but if you need that much horsepower and torque to make your car go fast its kinda sad.

I think MB is going about this the wrong way.with a 5000 pound car and all.


true true

22" wheel option !! front & rear i-Drive !! DVD monitors in the headrests !!! Quality levels back up to the extreme level like they used to be on the old MB's ..... more aggressive look .... can't wait to see it in person.....

22"? 22" For the M series you mean I guess? Do you even know how big 22" is? It won't even fit in the wheelbox of a stock MB car.

i-Drive? I think you mean AMM (Advanced Mobile Media) which was already announced at the Geneva car show. They'e a bit late with that one but once they do offer it it's going to put them ahead once again.

Most importantly they will offer a high quality soundsystem to go along with it:

Anyone who enjoys a perfect sound experience will be thrilled with the high-end sound system available for the SL-class.

Irrespective of whether you are listening to heavy Metal or classical music: both loud and quiet sounds can be heard to absolute perfection. The ultimate sound experience.

The high-end sound system incorporates a digital-linear 5 channel amplifier (>1000 Watt RMS). The loudspeakers, including the subwoofer box which is mounted behind the seats, have been specially manufactured and fulfill every wish. The system has been rounded off with a car specific sound setting which automatically adjusts itself to any sound-relevant interference which may occur while driving. The result is an ever optimal sound - irrespective of whether you have the roof down or up.

The components are:

- two 54 mm tweeter in the A-pillars

- two 100 mm mid-range speakers and two 200 mm woofers

in the doors

- one 80 mm center speaker in the dashboard

- two 200 mm woofers in the subwoofer box behind the seats

Good quality sound is just as important :)


for the Millionth time, I'll say it again:

I said it will be similar to I-Drive, yet completely different too.

The website said it will function very much like the new Apple computer software does ... point and click on the screen

And the all-new S-Class for 2006 will have much larger wheel wells than the current S-Class ... so 22" wheels will easily fit no problems.

I see brand new BMW 7-Series all the time with 22" wheels on them, they are very very thin tire walls though ... 25-Series thin ... super-thin ....

As far as the sound system ..... so far they are saying it will be an unbelievably awesome one made special by Bang & Olufsen .... tons of research have gone into this new sound system to ensure the best possible sound, spacial qualities, noise cancellation, power, clarity, and location ....

This new S Class and CL Class will definitely set new standards once again .....


Okay, 19's, 20's I can see, but 22's, hell no. You hit a small pothole at 30 mph, and you gotta go out and buy yourself some new rims.

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