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Audi Pikes Peak Quattro SUV coming as 2005 Model

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is it just me, or are all of your posts just lame links to auto spies?


It's just you.

I give links sometimes, and sometimes I give detailed info, it depends.

And how are links lame? Is it hard for you to click on a link and read an article? I'm giving out good info to people on this website, which is a good thing , so what's with your idiotically stupid remarks? Autospies has great info sometimes .....

Actually, your contributions are slim, and most of your posts on this website are very dumb, not mine.

Case closed.


Okay, Okay. Fox, I don't think that was called for at all, and neither was your respones Persian. Lets not bicker and discuss the topic.

I think that that is a wonderful car. At the moment there are only a few SUV's that I would buy: G-wagon, Range Rover, and another G-wagon. If and when this comes out, it will surely be added to the list.


it may be called a7 and i've heard some rumors about the v12 tdi producing 450hp and 1000nm....we'll see about it later.

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