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List of all changes for 2004 Lexus Models

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wow, lexus sure has trouble making decent power out of their engines. I'm dissapointed.


Whats' that " Bluetooth " function for the LX450 navigation system? Maybe it's for those who are long in the tooth :D .

If no one gets that, I understand.


yeah, that really was awful.

for people so tech savvy they interface their nav unit with their home computer and handheld (and have directions routed from their blackberry that are ready to go when they get in the car)


I saw the bluetooth in the new LS430, and it is horrible. It does not allow you to dial any numbers when you drive. You can just receive calls, but making calls is not possible. You cannot even access your phone book.

I think Lexus has got it wrong terribly. Also, noticed the engine output listed as "275 bhp" compared to the 2003 model of 340 bhp.

The car has got six gears, which makes it even quieter at highway speeds. But performance wise, the car does not perform at all.

Anybody contemplating on buying the new LS430 must definetly check out the bluetooth before laying their money.

Au Contraire, the Mercedes S Class is the best I have experienced, you can do everything from the steering controls.


2003's made 290hp.

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