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BMW M3 vs. Mercedes CLK 500 Cabriolet


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Well if you are comparing M3 Cabrio to CLK500 cabrio, I would choose the M3, because I think it looks better topless than the CLK. If youre talking about the coupes, then I would still go with the BMW only because its an M model and the CLK is not AMG. If it were M3 vs CLK55, then the CLK is better. Just a few opinions.

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Not that I'm blaming you for anything, diesel, but it's my nightmare when someone asks for a comparison of a BMW and a Mercedes-Benz. It's almost like such classics as: "which came first, the chicken or the egg", and: "can superman outrun the flash"?

Sorry I'm too lazy right now. Let me just say that I'd go with M3 for now, but I'd watch for the CLK65 AMG (rumoured to be in the "consideration" process).


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