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575 Maranello

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I was just visiting some family in Albany, NY and I see in a Lexus dealership parking lot a beautiful, brand new, red Ferrari 575 Maranello. This car was sweet. I've seen them in auto shows before, but not in the real world. What do people think of this car? 515 hp, 434 lb-ft of torque, 0-60 in 4.2 sec., top speed of 202 mph, and skidpad rating of .9 (I guess there have been worse), this car is fabulous. Just look at it.







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Those are some pretty hot pics Klein, I have considered posting the second one in on the Power and Beauty Gallery.

I think the Maranello is a pretty cool looking car, I don't understand why some people deride it as an " im-pure " Ferrari. It deffinately has a good look going on visually, and since becoming the 575, the car has become even better performance wise.


it is a fabulous car no doubt about it.but i would expect more luxurious\comfortable interior from such grand turismo....just like in aston db9..ferrari executives should learn from it.

in contrary to its "perfection" i still wouldn't buy it...i would rather wait for its successor.if you want to be reminded-ferrari 600 imola/maranello,v12 derivated from enzo will put out around 600 horses and i wouldn't be surprised if there was much more luxurious interior.

ferrari 550/575 is being produced for nearly 7 years and it is a bit out-dated car nowadays in my opinion.


MV, you must be refering to the 456GT replacement, the " 460M " or " 460GT " which ever you like best. The GT car is a little more luxury oriented than the 575M.


nope..as i've said...it's about time to replace the 550.and its replacement is on its way as we can expect it in mid/late 2005 apparently with the specs i've written.

ferrari 460 is a different case as we know,less hp but comfort so as to compete bentley gt coupe.

it appears that you aren't looking forward to any successor :)

...do you think 575 is a piece of modern art??? surely not,it isn't as atractive as it once was so it is hard time to release the imola(or whatever will its name be )


The 550/575 was " styled ", so it would qualify as modern automotive art certainly. I don't think it is any less attractive than when it was first introduced in 1996, which was not all that long ago. It's hardly an antique. Good design does not become stale design, or " not as beautiful ", just because it's been around awhile. It's really just a reflection of one's fickle tastes becoming restless.

I would have to say that I am not looking forward to a replacement, because I am the sort who is content when things are just fine the way they are. And have never been one to fall into the belief that a steady supply of new models is a must. I mentioned in another thread that you can never be happy with anything if you are always wondering what might be better, and thats' true." Timeless design " is the goal, if the 575M is timeless to someone, who needs a replacement? Not caring about the newest stuff, because you are already plenty satisfied, wouldn't you like to feel that?


3 words: BEST CAR EVER!

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