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X5 4.8is Coming in Spring (360+ HP)

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I would get this car anyday over that ugly ass cayene. shame they cant name the suv the M(something).

850 Ci

i dono i kinda like the porsche cayenne. its not taht bad. but id sure buy a bmw ov er it. but id buy a porsche cayenne over a Mercedes ML anyday. those thigns are a disgrace.


I think if I were to choose two SUV's, they would be Range Rover HSE and Mercedes G-class. No Cayanne or X5/3 for me. Although that new Audi SUV, forget the name, looked pretty sweet.


well, big suprise another one of persian's autospies stories went bust.

BMW announced there will be no X5 4.6is made for the 2004 model year, and they will discontinue attempts at sport variant of the X5 due to slow sales. That means no 4.8is. an extra .2l and 20hp isn't going to fix what ailed that car. Mercedes also dropped the ML55 AMG for this year too.

Personally, I don't off-road hardcore enough to enjoy a Range Rover or G-Wagen, hell, i haven't even pushed at all into what my land rover discovery can handle. The range rover and G-Wagen do compromise on road performance for their off road prowess, if i were hard core off-roader, i'd think about it, but then again, would you drive a car costing 80 grand off road like that?


I've never understood the idea of making an SUV go faster and perform more like a car on the road, if I wanted that, I'd buy a car. SUV's, like Cayannes and ML55's shouldn't be about 0-60 times. And I think that if there was a place to do it, I would drive an $80,000 car offroad. When you think about it, it's probably less risky than drivng an $80000 sports car to its handling limits on the road.


i own both a Land Rover Discovery and a Suzuki XL-7, and while the Land Rover costs twice as much, and is generally considderibly more capable off road, i tread lightly off roading in the disco, and fear nothing in the suzuki. Why? i'm not afraid of breaking the little 20k beater car. And once you get comfortable and know the limits of the sports car, you know what it's going to do, off road you never know what is ahead.

ML55 and Cayanne are pointless. They aren't very good for hauling shit, nor are they any better than a discovery, a 4runner, or a grand cherokee off road, in fact probably worse, why not just get an E-Class or 5-series instead?


Off road vehicles were created to go places other vehicles didn't , sportscars were created to go faster and give the driver more feedback than other cars. And high performance SUVs' were created to collect a nice fat chunk of the money burning a whole in the pockets of the American family. Performance sells, and SUV/minivans' sell even more. Put them together, and there is your rationale.

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