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Benzes from China?

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The CEO of Diamler/Chrysler announced that Mercedes-Benz sedans will be manufactured out of Bejing, a $1.1 billion deal. Is this really the smartest thing to be doing in the long run?

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what are they making?

it better damn well be nothing going into a benz.

it's never that adventageous in the long run to be in china. it's all economic instant gratification.


The article that I read didn't say very much. It said that Bejing Automotive Holding Co. will be producing Mercedes-Benz sedans. This may mean that they are taking the parts and putting them together to make the finished product. If this is the case, it may be good. Assuming that they can do this without sacrificing quality, it will reduce the prices for a Benz. But there just something about things Made In China thats no good.


Great, they can all give everyone in China $1 and 10 cents.

If their motive is to be able to pay people less, they're going to get what they pay for. Workers making 2 grams of rice an hour don't give a crap.

I get the feeling that MB is taking it's quality reputation for granted and exploiting it for increased market share. I don't think MB means quality the way it used to.


here's my philosophy.

Mercedes can make all the cars they want in china, so long as they sell them all in china.

You know that it will be chinese company will be running the shots, they are just partnered with MB, chinese law says no foreign company can opperate in the S.E.Z.s, only chinese owned companies can partner with outside firms.

If i ever see "made in china" on a mercedes, i'll puke. On the Mercedes.


But it only mentioned sedans. So the CL, SL, and CLK should be in the clear, and they're the coolest Benzes anyways. But it still sucks that this is where MB is going. Corporate head don't give a damn about image, they just want profit, now. If they were smart, which they're not, they would realize that many times, image is what turns a costumer away from BMW and Audi but to MB thus selling cars, and by building on the image, they would be better off in the long run. But they will never get it and they will destroy as many classics as they can before they die.

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