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Hi all, :D

I see that nobody had an answer to my last question.

I would be much obliged if anyone could direct me to a site where

I can get technical questions answered on a SL600.....please not the dealers as they are all FOS!

Or a specific webforum for SL600 owners would be great!

Thank you kindly


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And your last question was?


It was about getting a wiring diagram for installing the DRL harness and Relay for conversion of a US vehicle to Canada's DRL.

I have the Harness and Relay (bought at a MB Dealer)

They claim not to know how to install it and that they have contacted

headquarters, who has no info on the installation???? :-?

They ARE MB parts, and I bought it from a MB DEALER!!?????

That's why I think they're FOS......I bought a US vehicle and not there Canadian vehicle, so they refuse to help me.


Okay I don't knwo aswell but maybe I can help you out a little bit.

The headlight switch of my S500 had a "auto" position. When the switch was in this position then the lights would automaticly turn on when the ignition is turned on, I think you mean this by DRL.

First off all see if your lightswitch has this position, if not then I guess you also need to replace your switch.

A wire from the auto-pin and a wire from the ignition have to go into the relay and parallel to the regular on/off cable you need to place another cable with the relay in the middle.

That's all I can do for you, I do not know wether the car is already prepared for this, it's probably better to bring you car to a good electrician or hifi-installer and have them do it. Those guyz usualy know more about the wiring then dealers.



I'll fool around with it a bit by examining the setup.

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