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The new 2004 Toyota Prius 2 has been launched in Japan, and while it's not exactly a supercar :roll: , I found it to be an interesting technological exercize. The 145HP gas/electric hybrid engine gets 62.5MPG combined, and it's got about 300 (or maybe more) lb.ft. of torque. That's great performance when your car is getting 62.5MPG combined! And it's got more room than the previous Prius. It looks much better too (though it still needs serious work), and it can apparently automatically parallel-park (though that may only be the Japanese version). It should provide okay value (depending on the price). What does everyone think? Would you buy one?






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sry that's jus 2 "soccer mom'ish" and 2 ugly 4 me

and also sry 2 call u out but the 2004 Toyota Prius 2 has a 1.5L VVT-i engine with 78hp and 85ft/lbs of torque. But where u were gettin at the VOLTAGE hp is 67hp and 295ft/lbs@1,200rpm which brings total hp for the hybrid system cums to 106.

That torque only lasts for like a couple of seconds so not much its gonna do.

But it gets 55mpg with 4 ppl inside and the AC turned on full blast. U can't beat that.


i am deeply sorry you considder that as a supercar. it's more like powerwheels meets corrolla.


Izzy doesn't consider it a supercar, he considers it an " interesting technological excercise ". I would not buy one, and I certainly don't see it as an improvement stylisticaly. It looks like they took some cues from the Aztek.

The self parallel parking feature which uses a rear mounted camera and software program will be offered as a high-end feature, but not in the U.S. I see it as more of an experiment with a high price tag, like Cadillac night vision. Cars like the Prius are good to have around though, because they are good platforms for technology that could be used seriously in the future.


still couldn't pay me to be seen in one.

why don't those people just go hug a tree. Do they not realize they are just toyotas free marketing pawns. if you want to make a difference in the environment, call your congressmen, vote along environmental lines, but this car's mileage isn't that special. How is it any better than a jetta TDi? I fail to see. We've had TDi for a long time, and it's damn near as normal as any other car.


What else are car companies going to do to look environmentally concerned?

But I agree with you about what people should really do to help the environment. It hasn't much to do with what kind of car you drive.

Polar, you should hug a tree sometime, if not for yourself, than do it for me. Do it right now. Say " LateNight wishes you a long and healthy life and he loves you! "


Thanx for clearing up the fact that I don't consider that thing to be a supercar, LateNight.

And sorry Skyline, the power output is not 106. It's 145HP. The petrol provides 78HP, and the electric provides 67HP. Add it up boy.


boy? lmfao plz

i read the shit OFF the damn site itself ur tellin me ur right over wat toyota has on their own site?

I've always read on reviews say same thing so don't tell me to "add it up"

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