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2003 SLK230

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I'm planning to buy the new 2003 SLK230. I've been looking at your other posts and I've noticed that you guys are pretty good at giving your own reviews about the topics you're talking about... Can anyone give any useful reviews about the 2003 SLK230? What's the pros and cons? Do you think it will perform well in light snow and hard rain?!

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The SLK is a good piece of engineering but it's not a "men's car". It's more a car to be driven in the summertime or for the wife todo some shopping. If you are planning on driving the car on a daily basis then don't take this car, look into a CLK 240 Cabrio which is just about the same price.

The SLK has a short wheelbase, because of this you can cut through corners like a hot knife through butter.

With the top up you have alot of storagespace in the back, with the top down you couldn't even fit a piece of paper in there.

The stock shocks are soft, too soft for me, I like my shocks stiff. But that's a personal preference. You can ask your dealer to refit the shocks.

In the SLK I drove I couldn't operate the passengerside window from the driverside. I had to lean over and push the button on the passengerside, very annoying, specialy when you drop off someone and that person forgets to close the window shen they get out. I heard MB fixed that in the newer versions.

It's very stable at the most suprising conditions and you I don't think you have to worry much about snow or rain. Don't forget, when it's snowing turn of traction.

The car has enough power and is light enough to beat the above average car but don't mess with the big boys :)

As one MB enthusiast to another I have to tell you this, look into the BMW Z4 2.5i aswell. You get the same overall package, better performace, better fuel economy and better styling for less. The only difference is that the Z4 doesn't have a hardtop and comes with a 5 speed manual, the SLK has a 5 speed auto.


I don't know about that, GIR. I saw a black heavily modified SLK32 the other day that had a massive spoiler and big rims and everything. It looked killer. It was one of the best looking Mercedes-Benz'es I've ever seen. If I had the money I'd buy one and do the same to it. It's definitely a good car for any time (not just summer). Although I should mention that the 2004 version looks like a cheap SLR ripoff and doesn't look very good. I'd stick with the current version.


Agreed, the SLK 32 AMG looks killer with the AMG styling and the AMG rims on it but for that price you can buy a M3 Cabrio or a regular M3.

And lets face it, the SLK has nothing against the M3.

That's also my mayor complaint about MB, their cars are just too expensive for what you get. The competition is able todo better for less.


Yeah that's the truth, but that doesn't mean I'm turnin' my back on that SLK I saw. I's still seriously be tempted to buy one.

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