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VATH has 718 HP Package for '03 V-12 MB's

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VATH Motortechnik has a package for the 2003 twin-turbo V-12 engines that gives them 718 Horsepower with 1120 NM of torque !!! It's called the "V60 EVO Bi-Turbo" Package ...... wonder how fast an SL 600 with this upgrade would be ? Extremely fast indeed

They also have other upgrades for MB's including a crazy cool exhaust upgrade for the new SL's that have 6 big tailpipes coming out the back end of the car !!!! That just looks too cool ......

here's the link: http://www.vaeth.com/

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CL 600 Biturbo - V60 EVO Biturbo (nur EXPORT)

Cylinder capacity raisement and performance kit

Displacement: 5.921 ccm

Power: 526 kW = 718 hp

Torque: 1120 Nm (limited at 1000 Nm)

Vmax: 340 km/h (limited)

Fuel: Super Plus (98 Oktan)


Well you could get this instead of the CL65 or wait on the CL65 and have full factory waranty and all the AMG goodies.

That picture of the 6 exhaust SL on their mainpage also is :o Too bad they don't have more pics.

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