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Next-Gen MB Engines Will Be Lighter, Stronger, Faster

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The next generation MB engines will be 4-Valve per cylinder for more power, be lighter weight, Faster, much stronger due to improved design and use of high-strength exotic alloys, and have the much quicker, ligher, stronger, faster shifting 7-Speed Tiptronics. AMG engineers are probably going to go farther with these. over 700 horsepower AMG V-12's will be easily made (800 is very possible) with well over 800 lb/ft of torque easily. Now, with the improved suspension, chassis, transmission, engine, software, brakes (Carbon ceramic brakes will become much more common for Benz high-performance models) and tire developments that will go into these new cars (2006 will be the first year for these new cars, S-Class & CL will be all-new for '06), these will be the fastest and best cars out there on the road.

If you guys think the current CL 65 and E55 are fast, wait a couple years for the next generation cars, they will be much much faster even than the current Cars !!!!! The Quantum Leap in speed will be equal or more than what was achieved with the leap from the 2002 E55 to the new 2003 E55 Twin-Supercharged !!! Can't wait to see them .....

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I'm glad technology is able to do these miraculous things but who needs 800 horses in a sedan. Seriously this is getting rediculous. Very few Benz drivers would know what to do with such a car. The current SL55 is already a little much for an elegant roadster.

I'd rather they lowered the curb weight, kept to current engine output and improve fuel efficiency. If they could get 500 horses from 87 octane and 30 miles to the gallon I'd be very happy.


what the hell? are you on something, 500hp with a S/C on 87 octane. Never going to happen, not possible. if you can afford the car, you can afford the good stuff.

hopefully these new engines will only make their great cars better.

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