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ferrari FX.


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can anybody get me some pics from the ferrari FX. (not the enzo prototype.

the only thing i know is that is was made for the sultan of brunei

can anybody get me some pics :-?

i searched , but nothing :roll:

thanks for the help :wink:

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I've never seen the front end of a Ferrari that looked so much like a Saturn ever.

The Sultan of Brunai is a pimp, and Ferrari is his bitch, they build him whatever junk he likes. They should put their foot down and tell him to pimp off! No more funky styling hijinks for you buster.

don't worry, the sultan will go away soon enough, him and his evil little brother get themselves in too much trouble.

have you seen his ferrari station wagon.

that man is sick.

yes , he has 6 ferrari stationwagons :lol: .

No, that car is not going into production, thankfully. It is a special project based upon the 512 TR, custom built especially for the Sultan of Brunai, the wealthiest punk to ever pimp Ferrari. Anywhere from 2 to 8 were built, and from the pictures, it is powered by a 4.9 liter Testarossa flat-12.

Engine output is unknown, but I would guess it's not far from standard Ferrari.

I don't know the exact engine specs. I don't think I'd want to know, either. It's a Saturn with a Ferrai badge (on the outside, at least). I know of a Hyundai that almost looks better than this. The new Hyundai Tiburon Tuscani Edition has a cool badge, and better styling, and it would make a good modif. car. It's better value too. I'd probably go with that, tan this "FX" or whatever the hell it is.


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