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Does anyone have any idea what brand to look for when buying a scale 1:18 model car... I don't care about the prise, quality matters most!

I'm creating an accurate 1:18 model of house, garage and garden as a hobby on my sparetime... I didn't look enough and I bought a modelcar from Burago®. A big mistake, the quality of the modelcar simply didn't match the work I put on my creation...

If anyone of you have bought a modelcar with decent quality, what brand?! :roll: :)

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A 1:18 scale model of a house and garden, thats' and awsome idea. I have thought of that in the past myself. If you don't care about the price too much, and want the utmost authenticity, I suggest www.creativeminiatureassociates.com

They deal with very limited edition kits, and scratch built models. The prices can be incredible, but finer detail you will not find. When you are finished with your house, I for one would love to see it. Post some pictures if you can. Good luck! :P


Thanks for the links! I will for sure take some pictures when it's totally ready.. not yet! I have something to do with the garage and making the garden more realistic, the grass will for example be made my a brushed fabric... and have still some work to do. Soon I hope it's ready. But studying begins next week, hopefully I got some time over somewhere...

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