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1974 2002tii for sale

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Hello everyone, I have a 1974 BMW 2002tii for sale. It was going to be my son's car, but when we went to change the fuel pump belt the jackstand put a dent in the framerail/floorboard of the car. We have had the car sitting awhile, and if you know someone who could do frame repair it probably wouldn't be too expensive, but we haven't had the time or space to pursue it more. The interior is in great shape. I have another complete (unassembled) engine, with a brand new block that has already been machined, new Mahle pistons, and all BMW parts to build the shortblock, including bearings, oil pump, oil pump chain, and more. Any pictures requested can be taken. The car is located in Mt. Pleasant, SC (near Charleston). I am asking $2500 obo for the car and all spare parts. This could be a GREAT autocross car or daily driver, but as I said before, I have neither the time nor space to make this what I want. Thanks,

--Bill Cook

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