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Lamborghini Murciélago Vs. Ferrari F50 VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!


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Some people act like that 4058 lb. Lambo is the best car in ages. The F50 was king of its time in practicality and performance, and lost the throne only to the new 650-bhp Enzo. The Lambo might have 580bhp compared with the F50's 513bhp, but it weighs at least 1000 pounds more than the F50. The "Bull" can really get honkin' on the straightaways, but it definetely loses to the Horse in the twisties. To me the F50 is a true-performer, and will always remain so. Plus, the Pininfarina design is much more appealing and smooth than the boxy shape of the Lambo. But for some, all they want and need is a lot of "Bull."

How disturbingly cute. Nice little pun you used at the end, there, Charlie (and I use the term "nice" very loosely). That's quite a one-way argument you've given us. But let's take the following into consideration, you yourself admit that "TO YOU" the F50 will always be the better car, because of so and so. But if we consider something that doesn't vary widely with different people (not something like design; which, on the Lambos, by the way, is as Gorgeous as it can get for most super-cars). But let's consider the weight, power, performance, and Mileage/fuel-efficiency of the Lambo vs. the horsey. The main "Bull" model is a monstrously heavy car, as you yourself mentioned, and still it gets just under 20MPG while putting out 580BHP. As most people know, however, the same can't be said for the lighter and less powerful F50, which means that in simple terms the Bull must be a more efficient machine. Besides, Lamborghini has always made more exquisite cars that seem too far to reach. They seem to be the perfect "bedroom wall accessory", and for the average rich dude it won't go farther than that for some reason. Maybe it's the Bull's mighty and intimidating image, I don't know. They are more rare and not mass-produced like Ferraris, which can actually be a plus in this segment of the mad-price market. Furthermore, the F50 was designed more for the twisties than the Lambo, and the Lambo is more of a do-it-all supercar, hence it's ridiculous dry-weight. I personally love the F50 (I have a big F50 Spider poster on my bedroom door, infact), but I don't think it's fair to put the two in a head-to-head combat and measure them for their performance and British-B-Road ability alone, where one is clearly more specified for that category, and then to sum up by saying that the boxy shape of the Lambo isn't as good as the smooth design of the F50 is just a shot of opinion. I don't think by choosing the Lambo you'd be preferring "Bull", as "clever" as that pun is.


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