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Porsche and Bugatti


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Okay Porsche developed in conjunction with Volkswagen the Cayanne/Touareg using the same platform, and probably a lot of the same electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering that go into both. Now let's step into a little different category the Veryon 16.4 which is strangely similar in a lot of ways to the Carrera GT (16.4 with a hard top). Not that this should come to any surprise to all those who follow the evolution of super cars and super companies...you know what I want from Porsche/VW/Audi is a production GP motorcycle and a Formula 1 team. Why is the most successful sports car company in history not pulling its weight in the F1 arena. But more importantly than F1 which the Porsche family is against for one reason or another, why don't they completely dominate all aspects of production super vehicles with a perfectly engineering super bike / moto GP championship contender. That's what I really want. They could take two cylinders from the Carrera GT and create a Carrera GP...pushing around 100hp per cylinder making the bike right on target in terms of power, and handling; I have always known that my Porsche could out handle anything on its two wheels while everything else on their four...so Porsche Exec's far a near let's give the customers something completely different...a Moto GP championship winning bike. vdg996@excite.com

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Car makers, even sports oriented ones like Porsche, I think do not put a whole lot of development into things like motorcycle racing ( if any ) because for one thing, it has nothing to do with their cars. And Porsche is not about to open a plant to build motorcycles, just so they could homologate a race bike I doubt.

The only legitimate racing forum for roadcar development is production based racing. After all, we know that the translation of F-1 technology to production car tech is not a very clear one, in fact there probably isn't much of one, it's basically just good publicity for the most part.


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