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Hey guys...Right now I own a 911 Carrera but im looking to get into a 996 Turbo...However I've heard about the Carrera with an X51 package...Can some1 give me some information on that please before I go out and possibly waste the money...Thanks..Email at Xtremesporting88@aol.com if you want...Thanks

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ok the X51 package on the 911 Carrera 2 will give a 0-60 time of less than 4.5 secconds. The X51 package consists of higher flow heads, higher lift and duration cams, more aggressive fuel and ignition mapping, and revised intake and exhaust. It makes the 3.6L good for 345hp.

My personal recomendation is that you get a GT3, the GT3 has a naturally aspirated 3.6L good for 380hp, it weighs almost 400lbs less than a turbo, is rear wheel drive, outhandles the turbo, costs less, and is .1 slower to 60, and is faster to 100. It does only seat 2 if that is an issue.

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