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Link to E60 M5 Spyshots ...


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I found a few spyshots of the E60 M5 prototype at www.fantasycars.com in the BMW gallery section, and it looks pretty bland. Maybe this is old news, but I hadn't seen any pics on here yet.

If you were hoping the E60 would look better as an M5, the answer is " not much ".

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i don't know, the motor trend shots, as well as most of the reliable people i've talked to say that there are ///M side grilles rear of the wheel well on the front quarterpannel, like on ///M roadster and M3.

I think It looks great, and

I cant wait to see the specs

one that v10


My first post. Well this information is pretty interesting:




And NO valvetronic! Instead, it will have a third-generation version of the doppel-vanos variable valve timing system and four-valve heads similar to those on the F1 cars.

Maybe this is just old news for you!? :-?:)


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