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What u tink?Better a murcielago roadster or gemballa 650evo

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2 great cars, I would like to buy in 1,5years from now one or the other.

But i heard new porsche turbo is coming out, otherwise i like gemballa turbo gtr 650 evo. http://www.gemballa.com/Umr/G96_GTR650EVO/G96_GTR650EVO_si.html

Also i like murcielago roadster, but i heard eletronic isn't good as gallardo which has all audi stuff inside. what do u tink?

And about tuning a murcielago into koeniseg?



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a gemballa 650 is an incredible car in all aspects. It is rare and expensive, but has relatively few drawbacks. If I were going to buy a lambo, I'd get the gallardo, supposedly it is just as fast, handles better, and generally is more livable as a daily driver. Reliability should also be better with all of the audi parts.

A koenigsegg is superior to a murciealago in all ways, it easily out accelerates it, has more topspeed, outhandles it, has more lateral grip. Simply put, Koenigsegg CC is smokin.


What do I tink?

Forget all of those, and buy six of your favorite cars of all time on the used car market! You'll have more fun than a barrel of monkeys and you'll probably have some money left over. :P


naw, buy the car made to order, your own special baby. it is sacred.


Are you saying that a previously owned car is not sacred and you would pass it up every time? Of course it's important to get as nice an example as possible, but if new cars were the only thing worth having I would not be into cars as much as I am. If the only BMWs' to buy were Bangle cars, I might hang it up with BMW.

My M3 and 740 I bought used and in great condition. After a while of breaking in, it's like they have only known LateNightCable. Second hand and they are both sacred to me.

Old models are great in these often dry times.


no, i have owned a number of used cars, and have loved them. I am my E30's 3rd owner, some cars are only had that way. If I wanted a 7 series, I'd go buy like a 2001 or a 2000. Ditto a jaguar XJ. I am saying, if this is the special car you've been saving for and want to keep forever, there is just something special about a car only you have had. You still have the build sheet, the window sticker, remember going to pick it up. Only you have ever sat in its seat, driven it, touched it. It is only yours. There is just something speical about it, you know. I take your point totally, I am just saying, there is something about a new car.


I am going to have to agree with latenight on the used car thing. I would rather have a 97 993 Tubro S over and new 996TT, or a 89 speedster over a 993/996 cab. It would be nice to order something brand new, but if the car that you really want is no longer produced what are you going to do?


like a 928? I'd love to own one, I'll agree there are lots of reasons to buy a used car, i've had more than a few, but if this were THE car, the one you saved for an never wanted to sell, keep until you were old, i would have to buy a new one.

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