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Fake ///M

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Wen't to a carclub meeting yesterday. This was for a club which allows anybody with a car in, if it's got 4 wheels and an engine then you can join.

Lots of rice, too much if you ask me. Alot of the rice was badly done (as usual), stickers, ducttape and magic marker all over the place. A fair sum of S and CL cars, everytime I saw a S500 I almosed cried, I had forgotten how great that car looked.

Now for the 3 jokes of the meeting. 3 fake ///M cars.

The first one was a E34 and fairly done, at first it fooled me into thinking it was a real ///M car. THen I noticed the badge on the back said ///M and not ///M also it had just 1 exhaust and not 4. So I asked him to pop the hood so I could take a look at the engine and he didn't let me.

The second one was the biggest joke of the show. This clown has a E39 535i. What he did was just stick on the ///M logo infront of the 535i so it said ///M 535i. The way he was standing proudly infront of his car and how he was telling people that it was a genuine ///M5 was so funny. People were even laughing.

The third is the black sheep of all BMW's. It's a riced up 3 series, can't remeber the model number, it's was made in 1988. Bodykits, stickers, ducttape and magicmarker all over the car, he even had square chromed exhaust tips and an M sticker on the roundel. What a joke.

Anywayz the lesson to be learned here is: No matter how much you try, you can't fake or rice a ///M.

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I can't fake an ///M huh? Is this a challenge? It isn't THAT hard. C'mon.

The question is, why would you want to fake a rice?


What I ment was, you might be able to put that ///M logo on your BMW but that's all superficial. It won't make up for the real thing.

I noticed the badge on the back said ///M and not ///M

How do you mean?


It just said ///M instead of ///M5


i think people who use fake ///M badges should be fined or sued by BMW for devaluing the name!!! The badges should not be sold without proof of owning the proper product. Although its probably those who sell them who have the fake cars. Just look at the carpark at the spare parts dealers and you'll know what i mean.


BMW will, or at least did put an ///M on your car if you wish simply because it's a BMW product.

Kind of like the little ///M badge on the steering wheel of a 5-Series with a sport package, even though it's not actually an M car.


just like AMG puts their emblem on well, nearly all orderable parts for a standard benz.

the name is associated with sport, say they influenced it all, they slap the logo on, bam more sales.

It isn't the badge but the performance that distinguishes an ///M Car.

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