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Coulthard pissed at Alonso & Schumachernot mad at Montoy

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Both Micheal and David crashed their cars in Nurnberg, here's what they had to say.

David Coulthard:

While fighting for the 4th spot David crashed his car and he blaims Alonso for it. "Alonso breaked much too soon" is David's story, to avoid a crash he had to go of the track and into the gravel. "It was hard for me todo it but there was no other option, I'd like to se what the telemetrie sais and why he braked much too soon. He's an unexperienced driver and this incident just proves how much there still is to learn for him" he continued to explain.

If you ask me Coulthard is the only person who's responsible for the crash. I think he was just too much focused on passing that he didn't see Alonso breaking. Calling Alonso an unexperienced driver is going over the line a little, apperently good sportsmanship means nothing to David. I'm ashamed that he's driving a Mercedes.

Micheal Schumacher:

On the other hand Micheal showed exemplatory behaviour. Micheal and Montoya both crashed while fighting for the 6th spot. "Nobody is to blame, this is a race. It's a normal racing incident." were his words, "He was putting up a good figth and wasn't giving me much space, I would've done exactly the same" he explained.

Both drivers touched each other during Montoya's attack causing Schumacher to go of the track and into the gravel. Schumacher managed to keep his engine running and the marshals pushed him onto the track so he could continue the race.

Like I said exemplatory behaviour of good sportsmanship. Something David could learn something from.

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It's pretty obvious. Montoya and Schumacher are experienced (Micheal more than Montoya) and they're both nice dudes. Coulthard, on the other hand, is stuck-up. I wonder what Alonso had to say. He's a rookie but he's probably like Montoya and Schumacher. I think Cuolthard's just pissed cuz he's actually the one who does't have enough experience. Way to blame it on the good guys, David.

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