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This year the Magny-Cours is changed a bit. The straight after the Château d'Eau is 150m which makes this one the fastest tracks. 65% of the track is flatout which means a heavier load on the engine, on the other hand the gearbox will be in finaldrive most of the time which is good for cooling and endurance.

The grip on this track is dependent of several variables. First of all the asfalt is different form other tracks, the asfalt performs best at tempratures of 27C and/or wet conditions.

We will be seeing radical setup changes in the cars.

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The more flatout the better. Screw the engine! I'd love it if more than 65% of a track was a straight-ahead. I (if I were driving, that is) would push the ar to it's limits and beyond. Besides most engines can take it. As for fuel mileage, I think it would actually be better. The cars would save more fuel if more of the track was flat-out straight-aheads. The engine might be pushing higher RPMs, but in the long run it might actually use les fuel. Not that that matters much anyway when you're driving a race car that gets about 4MPG.

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