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Skyline R33 brakes...

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Hey guys.

My first post on these forums!

Im starting to get really annoyed with the brakes screeching on my skyline. Its a R33 GTS25t.

The brakes still stop the car nicely, yet just as I drop into second gear and start applying brake pressure, the brakes start making the horrible screeching noise!?!

I've heard its a common skyline problem. I was told that simply braking very hard every now and again will clear composite build up on the brakes, which cause that horrible noise...

Is this right..?

Any Skyline buff's out there have any suggestions to make that I could use..? :P

Would buying new brakes help out?



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Come on people. There has to be at least a couple of you with skylines...

Anyone got any info too help me?

Would be much appreciated!


This is not just a problem on the skyline but on many Japanese cars. What happens is overtime the breakpads get misformed. Here's what you can do about it.

* First polish your breakdisks, you can get special stuff (I'm calling it stuff because I can't remember the name of that fluid) at any good carparts dealer

* Find a long open road with no traffic

* Get upto full speed, 140km/h should do it.

* Then gently start to break, not at full power but just hard enough so the breakpads barely touch the disk.

* Gently and slowly apply more and more pressure to the breaks. This will get the breaks upto temprature and clear the surface of any filt or spikes.

* When you think the breaks are upto temprature or the speed has dropped below 80km/h, then slam the breaks as hard as you can. Do not try this at highspeeds, not everybody can handle a car in that situation.

* Now let the breaks cool for 30mins or so, do not throw water on them (Some may suggest this). Throwing water on them will only help the aging process and make way for cracks on the disks.

If not satisfied, go for a second run, be sure not to overheat your breaks. If after a second run the sound still remains then you're in need of new breakpads or breakdisks.

/edit: Btw, You may do this at your own risk. I can't judge for you wether it's safe ot legale todo this on any road. If you suffer any damages because of this then it's your own sole responsibilty.


Thanks heaps GIR, I was planning on giving that a go today, but unfortunately the weather in Sydney is currently very wet!

So, when it dries up a bit, I'll go find myself a nice open, quiet road, and get rid of that damn brake noise... ;)

Thanks again,


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