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maserati vs. porsche vs. ferrari

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so my dad's looking at sports cars. call it a mid life crisis thing or a nice retirement gift, but either way, he's down to choosing between these three cars. Maserati Spyder GT, Porsche Carrera 4, and a Ferrari 360 Modena. i've told him to go with the mas for a couple reasons. 1) every rich retiring doctor and/or dentist and/or lawyer has a porsche. they're a common sight in chicago. 2) ferrari is a very finnicky car and requires thousands of dollars worth of maintenance every year. and 3) nobody has a maserati. it's an up and coming company, is more powerful than a porsche for the same price, its italian, and isnt as finnicky as a ferrari, even tho they are made in the same factories. Am i missing anything? am i wrong? or am i on the right track?

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i say go for the maserati, it may be slowest, but it is the most comfortable, easily driven, and sexy of the bunch.


I absolutely LOVE the Maserati. I would quickly count the Porsche out. I live in New York City, and EVERY SINGLE wealthy business man in this city has a damn Porsche. It just shows that you are trying to show your money, but don't really know anything about cars. I think the Modena is beautiful, but it is a Ferrari. You could expect for it to be unreliable, and way too expensive. The Maserati can be driven as an every day car too. It's just the best. You were right about what you said about nobody has one. That's the best part. Everyone always gets more respect for having something few people no about. You don't want to become "some Ferrari owner". It's funny that you brought this up, because my father is going through the same thing. He doesn't like price tag on the Modena though. I have been trying to convince him not to get the Porsche, and it looks like we both like the Maserati the best. Does anyone else have any ideas for good cars in that price range? We are very willing to get a used car too... We would prefer more exotic cars, not cars like the Viper. How long do you think it would be before the Bentley Continental GT could be bought used for about $100,000?


i'd never ever buy a british car. just too unreliable. some kid's dad used to drive his bentley everyday to pick him up from school. you just cant drive that kind of car everyday and everywhere. essentially, its just going to sit around in the garage leaking oil and losing tire pressure. Granted i'd love to have a 6 liter, 500+ bhp, hand built customized beast sitting in my garage, but its just not worth the time and money thats spent on maintaining it.


i drive my british car every single day.

i drove it to stowe skiing. Yes I drove my jaguar through snow. It did fine.

I have freinds who do the same. They are more than capable.

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