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[RUMOR] Mercedes developing new line of engines

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We haven't seen a totaly redesigned engine coming out MB's factories for about 9 years now. I guess MB also saw the need for them to rethink their engines so they will have a better position in the HP wars. Rumor has it that MB will be releasing a new line of V6, V8 and V12 engines. The mayor thing about these engines seem to be the design using modern tech, fit for direct injection and the move from 3 to 4 valves.

If they'de also put some time and efford into developing a VANOS like system I think, with the increasing rebelion against Bangle, MB will be able to build the BMW M killer. Too bad MB sacrificed the eye for detail and quality they used to have. If they would be able to build a car that can match the M and still have the old MB quality then we would have the ultimate car.

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mercedes has already implemented variable valve timing on some of their engines, they used to use a DOHC 4V configuration, but found they got a more robust torque curve and better economy with the SOHC 3V layout. BMW engines have always been about free-revving top end, which is naturally why they have room to tune theirs so high. Mercedes, being more about luxury has always made engines with very substantial bottom to middle end. That is why they use superchargers instead of revving the engine out. 2006 they are starting on a new line of engines.

There is room left for fine tuning on their current engines, which are really good - i hope they just take it up.


Mercedes has definitely been working on completely and totally new engines. The first cars to get these will be the all-new S-Class and CL-Class for 2006 Model Year. As you already said, they will be 4-Valve per cylinder for increased power, Direct Injection, Variable Valve Timing, Light-Weight (with extensive use of exotic lightweight alloys for less internal reciprocating mass). These new engines will also be vastly more high tech than the current ones, which are already some of the best engines in the world. And ofcourse they are designing brand new twin-turbo and twin-supercharger versions of these also ... and they will be Much more powerful than even the current turbo/supercharged engines !!! The next AMG cars will be also obviously much much faster even than the current AMG cars !!!

you can go to www.mbspy.com for maybe more info as it comes ...


did you just say twin supercharger? that is the most sorry thing i have ever heard. can you find a reason to use dual superchargers? twin turbos allow for lighter reciprocating mass and more responsiveness. Dual superchargers would work against the engine.

moreover, what exactly are these exotic alloys?

what do you mean, like aluminum alloy?

i think BMW has the fancy medal award, doing a magnesium block for the 5.5L v10.


By light-weight I meant magnesium , titanium, light-weight aluminum, etc.. And why is supercharging bad? Benz superchargers are instant-on, which means there is no lag. That is one reason they are famous for it. that's also one of the reasons Benz was awarded the world-wide engine of the year (somebody posted that info here at carpassion.com).

Hey, all is fair in the game of engine power anyway. If bimmer is so mad at Benz for doing these things, than they should try using them too and see if they like them ... who knows maybe bimmer owners would like having forced-induction cars made by bmw once they see how much more powerful they are, although the new M5/M6 will be so fast that making it any faster would be almost insane :-)

have a nice day ....

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