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M6 spypics


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Looks real to me.

Taken from I Make News




My opinion on this car. Looks like an okay car for Chrysler, Opel, VW, Ford or maybe Toyota but for a car produced by BMW it's way below what;s expected and ugly.

The front not agressive looking at all, I'll even go as far as saying it looks dull. And the rear looks like something stolen of a Chrysler or a Honda.

Ironic that AutoCar would also have the Mazda RX-8 on it's cover cause both cars kinda look the same.

This one looks a little bit better but the fat ugly butt and the dull headlamps ruine it all:


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Well now you mention it, the first pcis aren't that clear and are properly retouched in someway, but the last pic looks great. If they'de just do something about the big butt then the car would be great, I'd certainly want to be seen in one.

Here's another spypic I found:


What's that silver thing below the kidney grill? Is that a intercooler or some kinda oil cooler?

And how about this one?


hey, look at the tail on the magazine picture of the 6 series. that is hiddeosly huge, that is the jenifer lopez of automotive tails.

I am sorry, big saggy asses is bangle's taste in cars, I can't imagine his wife.

the back looks like an acura 3.x CL or a new honda accord. I dont like the whole rounded off body either. The good BMW's were the ones in the early 90;s. a very sharp edged look, very geometrical. granted the new design is very aerodynamic, but it loses something in the process.

Anywayz, what do you guyz think that silver cooler type thing below the kidney grill is? Is it a intercooler, somekinda oil/water cooler or something else like the climatecontrol.

Meh the 6 series is ok, the headlights are out of place and have shifty shape, and i thought bangle learned from the 7 sereis about teh back, but i guess he has a tad too much earwax in his ears. even with the M6 500+ kind of temping , the shape pushes me to hold on to the 850. But you never know, like the Z4, it may lok sexy in flesh instead of 2d pics. , we will just ahve to see. BUt i am still dissapointed :( . why bangle, WHY~!

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the 6 series is the nicest piece of sheet metal bmw has ever made in its history.

The new 6-Series, are you serious? How could you have changed your mind so drastically? It's not much different now than it was then.

No need for spy pics now anyway, they have pictures of the production model on the BMW site, and probably other places too. And, I think the nicest piece of sheetmetal to ever come out of BMW is likely something they haven't made for years. People still wonder if they should like or dislike this new car, thats' not the instinctive reaction to the sight of glorious sheetmetal.

i love the rear, it actaully suits teh 6 series, it is just beautiful. its jsut that the photoshops preveious form the official pics were all messed up, but teh spypics always looked good, and the car turned out ot look good, i dont care what u guys think, im buying one of those 6 series whethere im the only one to buy it , or the 100000th. and the 5 series is absolutely incredibly amazing loooking. it seems impossible. i swear ive never seen a bmw attract soo much attention in teh showroom. same with the 760. and theres a nice good old blue z8 still standing there too. and no doubt the 6 series will be crazy attractive, and the showroom will be packed no doubt.

I agree 850.I have to admit i wanted to kill bangle at one time like alot of other people.But now seeing his cars all come togeather as a whole.I think hes one of the best car desighners everto come out.

I admit I wanted to kill Bangle, but now I think he is one of the best designers to ever come out. "

Come out of what, the closet? You people have fallen under the Bangle spell and don't even know it. You should trust your initial instincts that his designs stink, not get used to them. And you say the 5-Series is amazing looking, do you think that it's appearance makes for a better BMW than the last 5-Series?

And I don't think BMW dealerships are ever really packed. Perhaps they are just drawing the curious, to see if the cars look as bad in person as they do in pictures.


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