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Will 03 or 04 be the last year we see the E46 M3?

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I have a bad feeling that 2004 will be the last production run of the E46 M3 before BMW changes it's looks to something horrendous. I'll be purchasing either a 03 or 04 Steel Grey coupe M3 sometime soon, just before they change the looks of my favorite car in the world.

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you shouldn't have...i have no fear..it's gonna have v8 engine(400hp or more) and its design is definitely not gonna be awful

:) no they are making a v8 m3 for 2008

I have already warned some of you, but it is a chance that the new 3-series will have the same flaming-design as the 7-series and the 5-series have today. It has already been released some pics of the new BMW 3-series and it doesn't look good.

The new upcoming BMW M3 are going to have a bigger engine (of course!!), but I do not think that BMW will stop selling the M3 E46-model next year. The M3 is a hit in Norway and at least 1 car are sold every month. That is a lot if you think of the low population number in Norway... 4.2million.

I still hope that the 3-series not gets the flaming-design, it is far to beautiful to get that design and far to popular too!

But if it happens, then I think that we should write Chris Bangle a letter.... :evil:


the new M3 is as much of a flamer as the 7, 5 and Z4. 2005 will still be E46. The next generation 3 series gets a V8.


So far, they have restrained from altering the shape of the M3's headlamps in the manner of the standard models, so that may be a hint that the M3 will be the last to go to hell.

A 3-Series with a V-8? That doesn't seem quite right, those cars are supposed to be very embodiement of slick handling and high revving straight sixes. A V-8 would change the 3-Series charactor completly.


i know it would. i personally would like to see a mega tuned naturally aspirated straight six power M5 (like the great 3.6 and 3.8s of E34 M5). I love how M3 is a straight six, but to keep up with audi - who is using a V8, and mercedes, who has more horsepower from their supercharged six, they are talking about a M-Spec V8, who knows, maybe they'll get smart and scrap it for a bigger, higher tuned straight six, but lately, who knows.


I have thought of that too. An M5 with possibly an M3 six. But since todays cars are so much heavier than before and the fact that the competition are using muscle bound V-8 power, there probably will never be another six cylinder M5.


no, but I would love a 5-sised naturally aspirated straight six car.

I think cars could be light enough, look at Jaguar's 2004 XJR, made of aluminum, it is the same size as a 7-series or S-Class, but weighs close to 1,000lbs less. Think if you gave the same aluminum treatment to a 5 series, and then got a straight six, of say 4.0L - pushing 110hp/l - that is 440hp to a lightened car - that should keep up.

I may just have to build one.

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