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Connecting an auxiliary to the stereo in E39

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Hi everybody,

I really don't like the CD changer solution so I was looking how to connect an mp3 player to the stereo

without messing up the system, cassette adaptor not possible because I have the navi so I searched the net

and I found a FM transmitter that will channel any input to any FM frequency you want, of course it's only available

in the US so I shipped it with UPS ( 30$ for the unit, 32$ for UPS ).

The device is from ARKON and called: SF100 SoundFeeder



after running some test I found out that the built-in DC adapter won't be enough for most player ( max 500mAa )

and the signal is very wick so you always have a white FM noise in the background, I tried relocating it but nothing

helped. I don't recommend it, it's far from "top notch clear sound quality" like written in there home-page.

Does somebody know or have an idea how to connect an auxiliary???


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