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F1 Reliablity

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Seeing that selling engines will be a big theme next year and also has been a point of discussion on this board I have taken the time to gather some statistics :)

After 8 races and 159 starts (20 cars per race, Jenson Button was DNR in Monaco), 47 cars didn't finish, which results in a average reliablity of 70%.

Ferrari is at the top with a reliablity of 100% followed by Williams BMW and Renault with 94%.

Jordan Ford did the worste. In the whole season just 1 time did they had a dual finish in Monaco. Jordan broke their engine 3 times and their transmission 3 times.

Williams BMW is still fine tuning, testing and tinkering on their cars. If they can keep this up I think they can be the Ferrari killer everybody has been looking for. McLaren is putting up a hell of a fight aswell, they're testing their new car as we speak and according to their info, they are able to shave 0,8 secs of their laptimes. If this is true and they can build a reliable car then it is going to be an interesting season.

Here's the complete table:

Team      Reliablity 

Ferrari      100% 

Williams      94% 

Renault       94% 

McLaren       88% 

Toyota        69% 

BAR           60% 

Sauber        56% 

Minardi       56% 

Jaguar        50% 

Jordan        44% 

note: This table does not account for driver failure, just hardware breakdowns. Here's a table covering the driver performances, this table does not take in account hardware failures, just how many times a driver finished:
Driver                  Team      Finishes 

Ralf Schumacher         Williams      8 

Michael Schumacher      Ferrari       7 

Kimi Raikkonen          McLaren       7 

Fernando Alonso         Renault       7 

Cristiano da Matta      Toyota        7 

Rubens Barrichello      Ferrari       6 

Juan Pablo Montoya      Williams      6 

Jarno Trulli            Renault       6 

David Coulthard         McLaren       5

Jenson Button           BAR           5 

Mark Webber             Jaguar        4 

Heinz-Harald Frentzen   Sauber        4 

Nick Heidfeld           Sauber        4 

Giancarlo Fisichella    Jordan        4 

Ralph Firman            Jordan        4 

Jos Verstappen          Minardi       4 

Antonio Pizzonia        Jaguar        4 

Jacques Villeneuve      BAR           3 

Olivier Panis           Toyota        3 

Justin Wilson           Minardi       2

Little Schummy is at the top, yes yes above his brother, and BMW also managed to get a few interesting wins this year. I think when BMW finally decides to go all the way with their engine we'll see even more wins.

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Ferrari's doing terrible now that Schumacher hasn't won in like, a month or so. I hope Williams BMW takes the lead. I hope Schumacher's baby bro. takes over. I like to see Ralph come out on top. He's been in the shadow of his older bro. for too long. And I disagree with anyone who says he can't be as good as Michael. We simlpy don't know. And besides I say he can. My opinion. Sue me.


Brother schumie had an unmatched car for a long period which gave him a huge mental boost, that's why he could do what he has been doing. Now we see other teams coming upto speed with Ferrari and the advantage Schumie used to have is gone.

Williams BMW and Ralf deserve the 1st spot, they've worked hard and done their best to come up.


Word up. I don't like Ferrari. I like big bro Schumy, but that's another story. He's had many wins. Ralph hasn't. And I think Williams BMW is the better of the two. So go forth Ralphy, and slay the rest of'em.

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