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AMG is dropping superchargers

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According to this scanned article AMG is going to drop superchargers in favour of big bored engines. Dunno what to think, first see it then talk about it I guess. Would love to get my hands on a dynoprint.

I think Chrysler deffinatly had it's hand in this. I mean instead of building efficient EU style engines (like BMW does) they just go with the US way of making it bigger. Oh welll at least they're dropping the chargers.



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simply interesting.thanks a lot Gir.


i am depressed. that is awful. what is the world coming to. Mercedes is going redneck, BMW is going bangle, oh the humanity.

I don't see what is wrong with the Supercharged engines, and how making them bigger would help at all?


cars are starting to be non-sense...700hp MB coupes and 600 hp ferraris :-)


Mercedes have always had bigass engines, this stuff is nothing new. Saying that bigger engines is not 'European enough' or that its 'Redneck' as thepolarfoxqx put it is a little bit over-reacting. For quite a while now, virtually all the German makes have offered engine options larger in capacity than almost any of the US makes. BMW, MB, Audi, VW all go up to 6 litres. Now if the japs started offering big engines now that would be a surprise (they nearly always rely on turbo for power).


your average chevrolet will have a bigger engine than your average volkswagen of the same size. that was what I was alluding to.

and the old red-neck adage of "there is no replacement for displacement" bothers me. making it bigger really is a poor solution to the problem.

european car marques have always prided themselves on having the most advanced, sophisticated, and elegant engineering around.

"just making it bigger" doesn't so well qualify that for me.


600hp out of a naturally aspired 6.3L sounds very efficient and advanced to me. That's 95.2hp/L compared to the 61.6hp/L from the current V-8.

Most American V-8 engines are sourced from trucks. They're heavy, unrefined, and inefficient. The nextgen MB engine is none of these. Look at Bentley and Rolls, biggest by far with their 6.75L, hardly redneck :D

I can't wait for that 700hp SL. Wow! Not just power but power to spare! (That's a freebie for MB marketing department) My question is who is going to pay half a million for a 550hp SLR now when they've got something like this in the pipeline.


keep in mind, even with 700hp, the SL will be so heavy, it will easily be slower than SLR, and won't even come close in handling.

plus the exclusivity of SLR.

I don't know about 600hp naturally aspirated from a 6.3L - at that point - you have to be revving pretty high - which is uncharastically mercedes.

if its true, i am impressed.

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