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Luxury Cars

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Hi all, if you could choose one car from the following list, which would it be and why ???






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Well no point in discussing this subject because it depends on taste and taste varies per person.

Anywayz my pick would be the Merc :)


lol..gir is right without a doubt.


No doubts. If you asked me to judge on merits of technology and performance, I'd have to give the nod to bmw.

If you asked for the most refined and well built, I'd say lexus, their cars consistantly turn over the lowest NVH numbers and rate the highest on quality surveys.

if you asked which was the most prestigious, stylish, and luxurious, easily mercedes, they are THE name in top rate luxury cars, in fact, amongst the 4 names listed, i'm sure mercedes has the highest name recognition.

if you asked me which one gave you the most bang for the buck, the most character, class, and drove the most like a small sports car, for good or bad, i'd have to say jaguar. They give you the most stuff for the least money of the group (usually), I'd have to say jaguar.

they are very very good cars, just for different folks. to say one is better or worse is to say someones taste is inferior to yours.


I would choose BMW, they have their game locked down. They are some of the few cars that you can be sure will not have some glaring flaw, they just feel right. 8)

Lexus is a fine luxury automobile, but they need to work on their personality.

Mercedes-Benz, I don't really identify with a great deal, they seem pompous ( how many others would slap you with a huge sir charge for wanting a special paint color? ) good solid cars, but not really me.

Jaguar has great style and charictor.( you listening Lexus? ) If they had the engineering and dynamic superiorty of a BMW, they would be my second choice ... Wait a minute, they are. :P


Jaguar makes an incredible car. The XJR has its act together, their V8 is bulletproof, most of the driveline components are german anyway, and it has the british flare, how do you beat that.

An XJR has so much more style and class than anything german, hands donw.

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