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BMW 745i vs. Jaguar S Type R


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Hi all, I would like to know which car (BMW 745i or Jaguar S Type R) you feel is better and why ??? Which one you feel would get more second looks ???

On the same topic, which manufacturer you feel is better, BMW, Mercedes, or Jaguar ???


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well, i think that the 745i most directly compares with a Jaguar XJ8, but all the same.

The 2004 745i has a 4.5L 324hp 32V V8, does 0-60 in 6.3 secconds. The 2004 Jaguar S-Type R has a 4.2L Supercharged and Intercooled 32V V8 good for 387hp, and a 0-60 of 5.4 secconds. The 2004 Jaguar XJ8 has a 300hp 4.2L 32V V8 and does 0-60 in 6.4 secconds. The Jagaur XJ8 weighs nearly 700lbs less, and is equal in size, is faster through the slalom. The Supercharged XJR does 0-60 in 5.0 secconds, nearly as fast as an S55 - and outhandles and outbrakes the S55 - which, at nearly $50,000 less than an S55 makes it to me, the large sedan performance leader.

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are you on something?

you could buy two XJ8s for the price of a 760Li.

You could straight up compare the XJ8 to the 745i, the XJR to the 745Li and 760Li.

S Type R goes up against M5 (just not very well)

No I'm not "on" anything. I don't care if you acn buy 3 XJR's for the price of 1 underequipped 730i. The 7 is just so much better looking and so much more appealing. The XJ is virtually identical in looks to it's ancient ancestor. Jaguar seriously needs to redesign it (or at least put some make-up on it).

clearly you are on multiple things.

the look of XJ is classic, the reason they dont' change it much is because they got it right the first time. it's a classically sexy car. The E65 7 sereis takes heavy flak for the styling, the Jaguar XJ isn't It's just beautiful. For the price of a 745i, you could have an XJR, just as roomy, faster, and tighter handling, as well as more elegant than a 760. How do you top it?

Classic? Classically sexy? Got it right the first time? Umm, I think those are more matters of opinion than anything else. I prefer the looks of the 7 to the XJ. And I'm not alone on that one. The XJ looks like it needs to warp into the 21st century. More elegant? I THINK NOT. BMW tops that. Anyday. Anytime. Anywhere. Jaguar can bring it. As I said before I'd take any 7 over any XJ. In fact, if the price of the XJ was more, I'd sell it and buy multiple beemers. The hell with the XJ. I'm not even gonna look at it twice. Not until they give it a better face and rear. Doesn't matter how "classy" the interior is, or how much of a heritage it has stuck to it's ass. Jaguar needs to do better. Bottom line.

Yes, I AM a fan of "that Bangle car". Bangle may have his head stuck somewhere were no light is shining, but he's actually not doing THAT bad so far. I might not like his designs at first, but I get used to them. And however ugly they may even be, I can ignore the ugliness by thinking about the car underneath. It's pure unadulterated genius what mechanical engineering wonders BMW can work.

And oh, I simply don't care about Jaguar's XJR. If I had to choose a Jag, I'd go with an X-Type R (I heard it's in the works). Or, maybe I'd go with the new supercar. Not the XJ though. And certainly not the S-type. It's too, umm, womany. Or something like that.


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