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The exclusive SL-Class "Mille Miglia"

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BenzWorld.org writes:


Stuttgart, June 2003

Mercedes-Benz presents a captivating new special-edition model of the 180-kW/245-hp SL 350 recalling the legendary Italian car race, the Mille Miglia. The new model will be offered in an exclusive limited-production series of twelve units.

The “Mille Miglia Edition 2003” boasts a number of features which emphasise its exclusive status, including special “Silver Arrow” metallic paint, waistline trim strips in aluminium with a dull lustre, eye-catching 18-inch light-alloy wheels, wide tyres (front: 255/40 ZR 18, rear: 285/35 ZR 18) and “Mille Miglia” badges on the front-wing ventilation “gills” and the boot lid. A glass version of the innovative vario-roof, which transforms the SL-Class from open-top roadster to weatherproof coupé at the touch of a button, is fitted on the special-edition model, allowing the passengers to enjoy a unique panoramic view of the world.


Top-quality two-tone nappa leather appointments are one of the hallmarks of the special-edition interior. The seats come in classic red, a trend-setting feature of the legendary SL sports car of the 1950s. The roof lining is adorned with soft Alcantara and the trim elements on the centre console and doors are distinguished by aluminium with a dull lustre.


The designers used innovative laser technology to incorporate both the “Mille Miglia” logo and a depiction of the route for the 1000-mile race into the leather covers of the head restraints, creating another highly distinctive charac-teristic for the exclusive special-edition SL. Opening the doors reveals illuminated stainless-steel door sill panels bearing “Mille Miglia Edition 2003” lettering, a feature they share with the chrome badge on the automatic transmission selector lever.


The special-edition model is fitted with a wide range of equipment as standard, including the control and display system COMAND, parking aid PARKTRONIC, multicontour backrests, CD changer, sound system and electrically folding exterior mirrors. The powerful V6 engine under the bonnet is linked to a five-speed automatic transmission as standard.

The Mille Miglia was first run in 1927 and a further 23 editions of the race followed in the years up to 1957. Mercedes-Benz contested the race for the first time in 1952, with Karl Kling driving his 300 SL to second place in the overall classification. In 1955, Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson took the race victory in a 300 SLR, with Juan Manuel Fangio following them home in second.


©1998-2003 DaimlerChrysler. All rights reserved.

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absolutely amazing. this car is beautiful in every aspect.


sl350 - not only bowing to italy, but slow?

It may be stunning, but so is an SL55 - and is proud to be german - and proud to fly!


Very nice car, a friend of mine his parents have a SL 500 with nearly the same rims!


Somebody told me, that these rims cost about 10000 Dollars :-?:o


The most expensive rims I know off are the AMG styling V two piece rims which cost around 4000 euro's. I'd think 10000 is over dueing it a little but I'd estimate it around 5000 to 6000 euro.

Those rims look real expensive, pain in the arse to make.


He said that they are so expensive, because they look very similar to the rims of the Merc SLR which will come on the market this years. But i dont think that they will cost 10000 euros/dollars...



they could be close to that sum of money.


Unless MB has come up with another way of manufacturing, I'm pretty sure those had to be CNC'd out of one big block of metal. A time consuming costfull procedure, I'm sure they would break at least 3 or 4 drillbits on that. I'm also pretty sure that alot of those rims get disqualified making them even more expensive. If they're going to be under the SLR then the required stress limit is pretty high.

This is the rim which is currently the most expensive:


It's multipieced so alot of those get disqaulified aswell. Also this one is only available on cars which have less then 300kW of power, so you can't get it under the S or CL class.

I just hate it when somebody has riceish fake multipieced rims, they still have the holes and stuff which makes it look like a multipieced, but it's not. The most redicilous thing I've ever seen is a fake brakedisk on the rare rims, it even had a flat drawing of brake calipers on it.


That headrest engraving is kind of cheesy, no a lot cheesy. And those wheels looked a whole lot better in concept form. For the kind of money Mercedes and other high-end manufacturers charge for their cars you'd think they could give you the real thing without watering down the design.

Slowly but surely they are beginning grow some guts, maybe in the future we'll see a metal look grill actually made of metal. Go on, you can do it. :)

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