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Which start type do you prefer?

Start type  

  1. 1. Start type

    • Standing start
    • Rolling start
    • Running start

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Standing start: All cars stand still on the grind and when the light turns green, off they go.

Rolling start: All cars roll at a preset speed towards start/finish and on the greenlight off they go.

Running start: All cars are parked in a line and the drivers are across the track. On the greenlight drivers must run towards their cars, jump in, start and get away without hitting anybody.

I prefer a standing start because a standing start also tests the cars liftoff capabilities and the drivers reflexes. Never had a thing for a rolling start, dunno why. Runnign starts are just too dangerous, but fun to see. I even remeber a few instances were a driver at the mid of the field would run towards his car, jump in and start without buckeling his seatbelts, while the others were bussy buckeling their belt he would move towards the #1 spot. Not really fair if you ask me, but again fun to see.

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im going to go with standing start as well, especially in motogp. i just love to see those things take off.


running start - make the driver perform too!


I love both standing starts and rolling starts, but if safety weren't an issue I'd go with running starts, because they'd be cool, andthe drivers would actually have to show some real athletic ability in the run to their cars. Maybe they could make a triathlon-type-thing out of it. Drivers would have to bike their way to a point near the track, get off their bikes and run as fast as they could to their cars, and then drive off and race normally. That would be entertaining. :)

g-unit marko

i also like the standing start becasue of the take off it jsut has sumething thats get me happy :P

skyline R-34

glad to see alot of people participated in this poll


If you have nothing better to say, just don't say anything at all.


I'm popping in a little late, but I just found this topic and it's interesting.

I think the most sporting thing is a running start, like back in the old days. Driver's running across the track and jumping into their steeds, taking off half buckled - too dangerous for today though. And with as tight as modern racecar cockpits are, especially F1 cars, drivers could never jump in and buckle themselves, let alone start the engine. It takes a whole team to get the car going anymore.

I don't follow motorsports too much, so I don't know if they do running starts anymore, I suppose they do somewhere, but I've never seen it.

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