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Spyker to investigate gearbox problems

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Spyker wrecked a total of 3 gearboxes this weekend at the 24h race of Le Mans. This unusual high number of broken boxes has the team upset and they want to know why these boxes break so easily. "Altho it's highly unlikely, we are not ruling out the possibilty of sabotage" said Victor Muller, "We are probably looking at a complete redesign of our gearboxes" he continued to explain.

The team has been around for just 2 years but already they managed to finish the 24h race which is a big achievement in it's self. This whole process is about falling and getting up. With the lessons learned last year they were able to build a better car this year, hopefully with the lessons learned this year they will be able to build a better car next year.

The biggest problem Spyker has is their body. As you may or may not know the Spyker C8 has a fully hand crafted alluminum body. Alluminum is a very good heat conductor so the body of the car can get very hot very fast. Because of this other problems can arise like overheating engine/gearbox, metling of the wiretree or the driver cabine turning into a oven.

Last year the car was painted orange with huge unpainted parts on it.


This year huge parts of the car were painted black.


The car being black didn't help at all because black paint absorbs the heat from the sun much quicker, a blank reflective surface will bounce off the heat and won't absorb as much.

My bet is that the gearbox just overheated because it couldn't get rid of it's heat fast enough. Extra cooling should solve this problem in the future.

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it looks like their are going to need some very interesting and esoteric duct systems to keep their flying crock-pot down to a simmer. usually don't gearboxes of calibre of the C8 have large heat-dissapating fin surfaces?

That all aluminum body problem didn't arise for Audi on the A8, since Spyker works closely with audi, perhaps they can get in on however audi suppressed the issues.


I managed to find a picture of the first gearbox that brokedown.


I'm not seeing any cooling fins on it, it should have them. Maybe they have some active cooling system in place and thought the passive cooling fins were unnecesary.


at this point, they need to mount some sort of transmission oil cooling device, pump it through a radiator in high airflow -and pump the fluid fast.



Man I'd love to have this guy's job.

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