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Bugatti Veyron VS Who?

Lord of the Bugs

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I was wondering if there is some car that could be compared to the Bugatti Veyron, because there might be one but im sure not more than 3.

Veyron has some facts that few cars might have like its 16 cilinders and 1001 hp.

You know what i mean...

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koenigsegg cc

mclaren f1

lotec sirius

mercedes clk gtr

dauer 962 le mans

1992 Vector WX3 Concept

Chevrolet Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette

1994 Schuppan 962CR

1991 Koenig C62

But i prefer the veyron

the Veryon is really not that ground breaking, it is just a lot of press. The lotec has more horsepower, it is outhandled by the Koenigsegg, beaten to sixty by the callaway, really all it has is lots of cylenders and a big PR budget :cry:

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inteligent test

Can someone tell me a strange car ?

Why do cars need wheels?

Why superman gets weaker with criptonite?

Why aliens visit Earth?

how many horse power does a tsubame has?

I will aapreciate if you coud answer all me questions.

thanks bobby Jr.

Lord of the Bugs - your junk posts are really starting to bother me.

Please tell me you just got really drunk and logged onto CP, because the crap you are putting up is innapropriate, irrelevent, and bizzarre.

i wish i had access to BBC just for that reason. I should get on having satelite tv hooked up one of these days.

the CC has progressively posted higher specification every single year since it came out. No other supercar can claim that it has that steady and consistent of progress forward.

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I can think of a car a whole lot like the Veyron, in fact it's probably a reinterpretation of the same dang car. - The " Bentley " Hunaudieres. Same 16-cylinders, same blocky shape, just passed off as a Bugatti. bentleyshow.jpg

it is, but the W16 isn't turbocharged, big difference. It is essentially the same car.

I have lost all respect for VW in their ability to make performance cars.

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I can think of a car a whole lot like the Veyron, in fact it's probably a reinterpretation of the same dang car. - The " Bentley " Hunaudieres. Same 16-cylinders, same blocky shape, just passed off as a Bugatti. bentleyshow.jpg

that is the car that was originally the continental gt, which is no challenge to the veyron at all. It is a much better comparison to something like a vanquish. Anyways, to the person above, KRYPTONITE weakens superman, not the way you spelt it

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The fastest street legal car ever made was the 1988 callaway corvette sledgehammer twin turbo. It had a top speed of 255 mph. That's two miles an hour faster than the Bugatti Veyron. The Koenisseg ccr had a top speed of about 242 mph, which is about two miles an hour faster than the Mclaren f1. Oh, and the callaway corvette weighed over 3000 lbs, and "only" had 898 hp, whereas the Veyron has over 1,000 and it weighs much less than 3000 lbs.

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The bugatti veyron isnt a good piece of engineering its just a bus fitted with enough engines, turbos, intercoolers and many other performance parts to power the sun. it was only made to show what vw is capable of making and it is just sheer luk that they eventuly hit an enormous speed after the tenth turbo they added to it. the bugatti has so much power that all components like steering, handling is just ruled out. Anyway the bugatti wont stay on top for long sooner or later it will be beaten and straight away it will be forgotten. the bugatti is not a supercar in my opinion, let me compare it to the mclarenf1. yes its faster, better more powerful ten years later, any car company could of built a car thats as fast as a veyron. anyway back to the mclaren f1, when the mclaren f1 was first built it was given a v12 (1 engine not 2) only about 620hp or so, but the reason why the mclaren was so so fast it was the sheer enginnering and perfection of the car. the mclaren was so perfected that every aspect of the car had to be optimized to produce less weight, better balance, and improve handling. that is what i call a true supercar. it was so well it was ahead of its time.

the bugatti was not optimized, it was just created out of sheer carzyness. the longest amount of amusment you'll get out of the veyron is about 20 minutes thats how long itll take for the veyron too drink its full tank of fuel. as i said any car company could of made a veyron but they werent stupid enough. thanks to the veyron the car is actually costing them money then making a profit. yes the cost of making a veyron is more then what their selling it for.

sorry but i have to stop here i could of written way way more but i am half asleep and want to go to sleepX-)

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Mercedes made a test car 50(!) years ago that has a much higher top speed than the Veyron. The truly important factor is engineering. Like Gumball said, the Mclaren F1 is a finely engineered piece of work, while the Veyron is an engine on wheels. Top speed is very rarely important. What matters is acceleration, handling, and braking, all of which the F1 has. This is why the Mclaren F1 wins almost every race it enters, and is still my favorite car.


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