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Mercedes S500

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I would like to if the S500L would be better to own than the following:

1. Lexus LS430

2. BMW 745Li

3. Audi A8L


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What are you looking for in a car?

Lexus is right out for me. Lexus is nothing but a Mercedes wannabe, look at their designs and model line up.

BMW, if you prefer sportiness above luxury I would definatly go for this one. BMW makes the ultimate sport sedan's

Audi, Altho they make great and well thought off cars they have to play catch up with Mercedes & BMW. Audi is kinda the in between of BMW and Mercedes. If you want a touch of sportiness but still have luxury then the Audi it is.


It seems that the S500 has the oldest engine of the bunch. Every other car with similar engine sizes such as the Audi A8, Lexus LS 430, 745Li can outrun the S500.

The engine has not changed since 1992 - with the exception of some minor improvements such as fuel consumption - the horsepower stays the same at a paltry 302 bhp.

I think the best value for money+performance will be LS 430.

Maybe buy a LS430 for the daily commutes, and with the change leftover buy a Mitubishi Evolution Vii :wink:


I think that Audi would be the best one out of those. You are right about the Mercedes engine. If you were to buy the s500, it wouldn't be for the power of the car. If you are ever in bad conditions like snow, rain, ice, etc. the A8 would by far be better because of its 335 hp and quattro. If you don't have bad conditions, and you're more into looks and technology, the BMW would be the choice for you. The Mercedes would be for you if you don't want sportiness, power, or drivability, but rather pure luxury and a good image of yourself. I think that the Lexus has a touch of everything: some power, a little bit of style, some drivability, etc. hope I helped!


Well, in terms of engines, the Lexus engine, a 4.3L DOHC VVT-i V8 engine good for 290hp, is essentially the same engine as debuted in 1991, they have continually updated and improved it, but it has only improved 40hp since over 10 years ago, despite getting .3L bigger. The lexus is the smoothest and quietest of the bunch, but it has crap for handling (it is literally greater than 15% worse than the mercedes).

Actually, the mercedes engine is strange. About 4 years ago, they actually did redo it. From the early nineties up until fairly recently, it was a 32V DOHC 5.0L 315hp engine, but for some reason, mercedes changed all of their engines to SOHC 24V (2 intake, 1 exhaust) with 2 spark plugs. What this yielded was much more low end torque and much better fuel consumption and emmissions, but the 5.0 lost 13 hp down to 302 now. It is a very gutsy and torquey 302hp though. It has since gotten a variable intake system, further aiding low end. The mercedes is a very good car, though very conservatively designed. I think it is very much over priced.

The BMW has by far the most advanced engine of the group. Its 4.5L 32V DOHC V8 engine has no throttle body, it changes intake by instantly and variably changing the valve timing, giving smooth and instant throttle response. The engine has the same block as the old 4.4L (well, technically speaking, the 4.5L engine is a 4.4L, the same block as the old 282hp V8, but they call it a 4.5 for some reason), but it has totally new heads. This engine has plenty of low end muscle, smoothly building to a nice and high power peak. The ZF 6spd is nice too.

The Audi is a decent car, its engine lacks bottom end grunt, but makes up for it in high-end scream, it is a 40V DOHC V8 good for 330hp, and quattro is nice, but it always seems to be looked at a class under the rest. Overall a very good value.

MercedesBenz 4 Ever

For Sure the Mercedes S500 is better than all the cars in its class. Why? Because its one luxurious and has many many different gadgets. Its probably the most comfortable car ive ever sat in. Plus its fast for such a big car with a 0-60 in just 6.1 seconds. And if your looking for more speed the S600 has a 0-60 in under 4.5 seconds. I know all this cause my parents have one. Dont agree reply to me at my email. Tallpersian247@yahoo.com


"And if your looking for more speed the S600 has a 0-60 in under 4.5 seconds. "

Yes the S600 is fast, I think they run in the lower 12's.

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