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Help...Daytona?, Road runner?, Charger?

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Hi all,

I'm from Australia and new to this site.

I was hoping someone could help with an answer to what my brother and i argue over.

When we were kids, we had an 'AFX' slot car set and it included two american muscle cars. His car was a white camaro with blue stripes down the centre and mine was what 'i' think to be a Dodge Daytona. But my brother thinks was a Road Runner or Charger???? Im sure it was a very rare car in its day and possibly a stock car special or something. Never seen one here in OZ but im sure it would of been popular in the USA.

Really keen to find the truth! I hope the following descreption will help:

It had a big slanted front nose with i think pop up headlights. It had a massive rear wing and was Blue in colour with black paintouts.I think it had vertical black hemi paintouts near the front fender or rear fender. It was my dream car throughout my child hood and i am frustrated to not remember what it was so i can do a bit of research into it......needless to say i destroyed the slot car set and binned it many many years ago!

thnks for any help........ :roll:

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I would say that I'm 99% sure that it was the Dodge Daytona. Those cars were very popular with slot car kits and still are. The main reasons I think that are because you said the car had a big slanted nose. Look at the Charger and Road Runner. Their fronts are very squared. The Daytona is definitely slanted at the front. Also, neither the Charger or Road Runner have rear wings. The Daytona has a huge one like you talked about. The Daytona also has the paintjob at the wings that you talked about. (That could have been painted on the car after it was made, but it might come that way. I'm not really sure) I hope this helped!


No probs m8, ne utha inquiries?


If the car had black painted on the nose piece, there's a pretty good chance it was a Plymouth Superbird. Essentially it was the Road Runner version of the Daytona. Due to NASCAR's homologation requirements, and rampant rule changing, there were more Superbirds built than Daytonas.



Daytona: (sorry for the small size - google image search sucks :P)


The differences are basically the nose, tail, and taillights.

The nose of the charger is body colour and the superbird had the black. The giant rear wing of the charger was either black or white with "DAYTONA" on the body pnel under the wing, while the superbird had a Road Runner logo on the wing uprights, with "ROAD RUNNER" in a half circle above the image and "SUPERBIRD" in a half circle underneath.The taillights were the only other difference that's readily noticeable, specifically because the Charger and Road Runner base cars were different. Oh! Looking again, it also appears that the Road Runner did not have the "fastback" style roof/rear window, while the Charger did. This is another change that translated over to the Daytona/Superbird.


Here are some better pics, since yours were of, umm, mediocre quality! (I'm kidding):



Hemi Daytona

Felix, your picture of a Road Runner is actually a 1970 Dodge Charger, but no harm, no foul. Oh, and a Road Runner is a Plymouth, not a Dodge.

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