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New Bentley

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Has any one seen the new Bentley Hunaudieres Concept? Its stunning. Heres some pics:




Project HunaudiSres has a 16-cylinder engine with 8 litre capacity. The engine has an output of 463kW (623 bhp) and a maximum torque of 760 Nm (561 lb ft). Thanks to variable camshaft timing, 85% of the torque is available at as low as 1,500 revs. The engine is made up of two banks of eight cylinders which are fitted at 72o to form a W, based on the VR principle with a cylinder angle of 15o.

The name HunaudiSres refers to the famous high-speed straight at Le Mans where the Bentley legend was born in the 1920's with five victories in the vingt quatre heures du Mans

Drive Wheels Mid Engine / 4WD

Configuration 64 Valve W16 (4 rows of 4)

Length 4432 mm / 174.5 in

Displacement 8004 cc / 488.4 cu in

Width 1985 mm / 78.1 in

Power 464.6 kw / 623.0 bhp @ 6000 rpm

Height 1192 mm / 46.9 in

Torque 760.6 nm / 561.0 ft lbs @ 4000 rpm

Bore 84 mm / 3.31 in

Stroke 90.3 mm / 3.56 in

HP / Liter 77.84 bhp per litre

Body / Frame Carbon Fibre

HP / Curb Weight

Gear Type 5-Speed Manual

Front Tires 265/30 ZR 20

Rear Tires 335/30 ZR 20

Top Speed 350 kph / 217.5 mph

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is it just me ? or does the last link with picture have a date stamp displaying '99 06 19


I never noticed that! I looked at it and assumed it was new! Its nice whatever age it is! thnx for pointing that out.


That concept was from Bentley in 1999. From what I hear, Bentley never planned on making it because they thought it wouldn't be practicle. They just wanted to show what kind of engines they could build and wanted to show what their cars would look like a few years from then. The new 2004 Bentley Continental GT looks almost exactly the same in the hood and headlights. It also had similar mechanics. Maybe Bentley came out with the Continental GT as a more practical version of that concept...???

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