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McLaren F1 or Bugatti Veyron?


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Which in your opinion is the best supercar?

I would have to go with the Bugatti for many reasons- (speed, looks, im predudiced!)

But it's not about me, it's up to you so reply!

(P.S. - Why can't i set up polls?) :evil:

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Anywayz I would go with the McLaren. When it was released this car was way ahead of it's time. I don't think anybody should compare the Veyron with the McLaren. With the Veyron everything is big, huge and lots of it and the McLaren focusses on state of tune. Everything in the McLaren is set just right so it can do what it can.

A more fair comparison would be the KoenigsEgg vs. McLaren F1, in that case my vote would go to the Egg.

I admit that the mclaren f1 was original, but the bugatti is like a version of it but twice as good. who could say no to 252mph, and 1001 bhp?!?! I would pick the bugatti over the egg aswell, but only slightly. Bugatti or egg then?

WIth 4 turbo's, 2 ECU's and a W16 engine I really wouldn't say that this car is anything like the McLaren.

Like I said, the Veyron is nothing but everything big, huge and lots of it. Like I've said many times before, this car is more a showcar then a serious production car. It's there to show what they can do and make a name for Bugatti.

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To make 1000hp the veyron needs four

turbo's the people at Mclaren said they

could get 1000hp just by changing cams

that means that with four turbos and the

cams power would easly jump to about 1500 no

problem, that just shows how good

the Mclaren is, and keep in mind the Mclaren

is two litre's smaller and four cylinders less

than the veyron.

How can VW expect anyone to regard Bugatti as a serious contender rather than a just a styling and technology showcase, when there hasn't been a regular production Bugatti since the EB110 - and how long ago was that?

252 mph on a roadcar is verging on suicide. Especially in a car as heavy as Veyron, it's not turning or stopping anytime soon at speeds like that. If something unexpected showed up on the road, the rich prick behind the wheel would most certainly lose control, if not the car.

Ok, first off all, going over 200 mph in any car is verging on suicide. If something unexpected pops up, it doesn't matter how big your brakes are, how well your car handles, or how light it is, your done. I dont think that Bugatti needs to make a name for themselves, because they're Bugatti. Bugatti is ledgendary for fast cars. This horsepower war is also so rediculous. With gas at near $2 per gallon, it should be about who can get the most out of every horsepower, and in this race, Porsche would dominate.

With a lighter car with sharper reflexes, there would be a greater margin for getting yourself out of a sudden bind, so your potential for being " done " would not be as great. The Veyron doesn't supply that luxury.

This whos' got big balls horsepower war is indeed stupid though. The greatest trump is a vary light car that not only gets the job done, but dominates with a fraction of the power. Like the superlight motorcycle powered sportscar I spoke of on the " Amazing 80s' " thread in Miscellanious. I would love to see more attention focused upon lightness, better use of available materials, and simplification of systems. Rather than huge power and every gizmo under the sun.

I agree that there need to be better materials used more often, rather than putting more power into cars, however, this is much more expensive. Better materials, like titanium, magnesium, and carbon fiber are harder to work with, and need more skilled craftsmen to machine it. There are always tradeoffs.

I don't mean using really expensive materials like magnesium, titanium, and carbon fiber so much. Even that stuff is a little old hat, because everyone would like to use that. What I mean is true innovation. Like an idea I had to use reinforced paper mache for light weight body panels - and I don't mean 3rd. grade art class either. More extensive use of aluminum space frames, recycled paper for seat stuffing, varied packing density for different levels of softness, man made leather and suede which has become very good over the years, as a low cost, and animal friendy alternative to hides. Things like that. I don't see real innovation like that much. These all would be low cost, and low weight. Unlike the above mentioned " exotic " materials which are just light.

recycled paper? why not just brand new weyerhauser from an evergreen chopped down in wisonsin? Why put paper in seats, the heat sensative variable pressure foam that they use is much superior to any paper.

magnesium alloys have a future, as strong as iron, lighter than aluminum, expensive, but nice. carbon fibre is massively expensive at the moment, but in the future, advanced carbon composites could become very cheap and nearly a dream material.

paper would eventually break down and wear out and your seats would get flacid.

i'm not into flacid seats.

and it's variable pressure heat sensative foam FOR your ass :D

recycled paper? bah, i don't like trees anyway.

i'm telling you as someone with a background in engineering, paper is not good for this. it will eventually wear out (by eventually, i mean not that long). it's a nice notion. maybe in a hyundai, not anything i'd like to be driving.

and i love saving gas, i'm pro ethanol and such, but i'd sooner suck saudi arabia dry than drive a paper mache' car.

Recycled paper? Bah, I don't like trees anyway.

You don't like trees? :-?:-?:-?:-?

Paper mache is definitely NOT a good idea though. That stuff would wear out more or less depending on where your car is being driven. But I know for a fact that it would be COMPLETELY useless in a place such as British Columbia (where I live). The moisture would kill your paper mache car. That's not exactly trust-worthy material when it comes to building something as expensive and sensitive as a car. Building a car is like playing with the mafia. One wrong move and you're in deep shit. And "paper mache" for body panels would be a BAD idea!


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