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The Bufori MKIII

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I have been thinking about getting a Bufori MKIII. It is an awesome car. It's very limited, and made by hand in Asia. Has anyone ever heard of it? If so, please write your opinions. If you haven't, im sure you would love to check the beauty out. You can do that at www.buforiusa.com. Hope you like it!

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how much does this costs


Well, it has a base price of about $100,000. Each car is made when ordered, for the person who is buying it. So, to get one, I'd have to go to Asia. There, they would measure me, and talk to me about the car to make sure everything is made perfectly for me. If you are too wide, or too tall, they can even modify the main frame for you. They will also put in any option that you want. A guy who works for them told me that someone recently ordered a car with diamonds intalled all along the dashboard. (talk about excessive) Once you order the car with your specifications, they will build it by hand, and ship it to you about six months later. Whenever it needs to be serviced, they pick it up from you, service it, then bring it back without any charge. Sounds good huh? :D

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